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How to Plan Your Travel to Big Fencing Competitions – RYC’s, SYC’s, NAC’s, JO’s, and Summer Nationals

Travel to Big Fencing Competitions Prepping for fencing competition is part planning for the actual competition and part planning for the travel itself. Though it might seem like the planning for the actual competitive aspect is the most important aspect of getting ready for these big tournaments such as Regional or Super Youth Circuits (RYC’s or SYC’s), Junior Olympics (JO’s), Fencing Summer Nationals (SN), or the North America Cup Tournaments (NAC’s), participation in them involves a great deal of planning outside of the tournament itself. Getting that planning right can make things exponentially easier for the fencer who is in attendance, which is an important part of performing well in this environment.

That’s all well and good to know, but planning for this kind of travel is intimidating and overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to planning your travel so that it can be as easy as possible. Travel to big fencing competition shouldn’t be a struggle!

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World Fencing Day is September 9 – Four Ways to Celebrate

World Fencing Day - September 9, 2017Fencing is amazing!

We are always interested in spreading the word about our beloved sport. That’s exactly what World Fencing Day is all about, and we’re encouraging everyone to participate and share their love of the sport with people all over the world. World Fencing Day is sponsored by FIE, the International Fencing Federation. It’s a day that’s all about getting the word out about the joy of fencing to everyone possible. We want to spread the word about fencing and what it means to us.

This year, World Fencing Day is Saturday, September 9, 2017

How can you participate in World Fencing Day? It’s easy! Here are four simple, straightforward and fun ways to spread the word about World Fencing Day and celebrate the sport.

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Announcing Three New AFM Coaches!

As Academy of Fencing Masters continues to grow, we find ourselves needing to add more coaches to give our students the fantastic fencing training that they need. Finding the right fit for a coach is not an easy task, but after scouring the available coaches from far and wide, we have just added three incredible coaches to our roster. And we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you!

Having the best coaches around for our fencers is important to the mission of AFM. We are constantly growing and improving – something that we ask our fencers to do as well. Providing our student with access to world class coaches is an important part of giving what we do.

Please join us in welcoming the three newest members of the Academy of Fencing Masters coaching staff to the team! These coaches bring with them the world class experience and passion that we’ve come to expect from our coaches at AFM.

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9 Ways to Bring Joy Back to Your Fencing

Bring joy back to fencingHas your fencing turned into a chore?

Do you miss that spark that you used to feel when you first picked up your sword?

Do you wish that you could feel all of those fluttery, festive feelings that you once felt about your fencing?

You can! That sparkle can come back to your swordplay. Bringing the joy back to your fencing isn’t just about having fun though. The more invested in and excited about fencing that you are, the more focus you’ll have and the better you’ll train overall. Keeping your fencing on point is just as much about your enjoyment of the sport as it is about the number of hours you’re able to force yourself into grueling training.

The most accomplished athletes are those athletes who get the most pleasure out of their sport. More joy = better fencing.

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USFA update about Division 1 Fencing

USFA Changes in Division 1 FencingEvery year, the USFA makes changes in national level events in an effort to make national fencing more competitive at the international level. These changes do contribute to the significant improvement of USA fencing and we love seeing them. This year one of the most dramatic changes in the national event format came to Division 1.

Actually there are two big changes that are coming to Division 1 Fencing in the 2017-2018 season, and they’re changes that we’re very excited to see!

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