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What I Wish I’d Known on My First Day of Fencing

What I wish I’d known on my first day of Fencing2It’s truly amazing how this journey into fencing rolls us forward and takes us to new places, on new journeys and into things that we’d never thought of. Getting going in this sport means reaching out and learning, as well as the incredible accomplishment that pushes us forward onto the life beyond the strip.

There are some things that I wish that I could go back and tell myself from those first days holding a fencing sword.       

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Tips for Keeping Cool in Fencing Gear During the Summer Heat

Tips for Keeping Cool in Fencing Gear During the Summer HeatAs the weather heats up, that fencing gear can start to get warmer and warmer. Just like any other sport, fencing gets your blood pumping and your heart going, and that leads to a higher body temperature quite naturally. That’s perfectly normal and quite alright! However it’s extremely important when fencing to stay safe and avoid overheating.

While this danger is perhaps less than with outdoor sports that are battling the heat of the sun, it’s nonetheless a fact that many fencing clubs are not air conditioned and also that sometimes coaches might take their classes out into the open air during this time of year to enjoy the beautiful weather.

In order to beat the heat, here are some great tips to help you stay cool.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Fencing Bag

Tips for choosing the right fencing bag

What’s the thing that is always full, a bit mysterious and goes with a fencer everywhere? It’s the fencing bag! Choosing the right fencing bag can be a bit of a challenge, as there are tons of options out there – some of which you might be more familiar with than others. Fencers use their bags constastly, so getting the a bag that will work will make things a LOT easier.

You’ll be able to find the perfect bag for you with these quick and easy tips for choosing the right fencing bag, with pros and cons to help you sort through the options that are available.

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Team Points vs. Rolling Points

US Fencing Olympic Team for Rio 2016 - credit: USFAJust recently the USFA published selection criteria for the US team for Cadet, Junior and Senior worlds as well as for Zonal Championships (i.e., Pan American Fencing Championship).

For many people the rolling points system is confusing, and the team selection is even more so. Parents often ask us about the difference between these two systems.

National Points, Rolling Points, Team Points – What Does It All Mean??

In our previous post we explained what are national points, how they are used and how they are calculated. Be sure to check that post out to get some detailed information about that process.

Here we’ll dig deeper into what rolling points and team points are and how to proceed with them.

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Fencing Journal: A How-to Guide

Fencing Journal A How-to GuideThe best things in life generally require a great deal of planning.

Using an athlete’s journal is a powerful way for fencer’s to improve their fencing. Truly, really, the usefulness of this tool is difficult to overestimate. We’ve written previously about the amazing benefits of using a fencing journal, which to summarize are as follows:


  • Celebrate your progress
  • Take an analytical look at your fencing skills so you can improve
  • Track your opponents
  • Track your competition performance
  • Set goals and make plans to achieve them
  • Make note of connections with teammates, coaches, parents, etc.
  • Reflect on your fencing journey

All of that sounds really great, but thinking about those blank pages staring up at you can be enough to have many of us just close the book again and keep on going as we have been. To help you out, we’ve created this guide to get you going with your fencing journal, because it’s something that we really do believe will benefit fencers.

How to journal for fencing

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