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USFA update about Division 1 Fencing

USFA Changes in Division 1 FencingEvery year, the USFA makes changes in national level events in an effort to make national fencing more competitive at the international level. These changes do contribute to the significant improvement of USA fencing and we love seeing them. This year one of the most dramatic changes in the national event format came to Division 1.

Actually there are two big changes that are coming to Division 1 Fencing in the 2017-2018 season, and they’re changes that we’re very excited to see!

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Infographic – How to Qualify for 2018 US Fencing Summer Nationals

How to Qualify for 2018 US Fencing Summer NationalsIt’s that time of year again – time to figure out the qualifying paths for US Fencing Summer Nationals! Every year there are tweaks to the rules that mean we all need to bone up on what’s going on. This year there aren’t too many changes, and really the ones that we have are pretty solid.

Not only do the actual qualification paths change every year thanks to USFA’s constant pursuit of getting things right, but kids ages change every year. Those birth years are important for fencers who want to qualify, because they don’t stay the same every year as we all get older! Age brackets change every year, so we need to update things with each passing season. Always keep in mind that fencers can qualify outside of their specific age division under certain circumstances.

You’ll find every bit of information that’s included in this infographic on the USFA website, but it’s scattered around in various places. That’s why we created this infographic to help everyone make sense of it all! It’s great for novice parents and for seasoned fencers.

This is our third year including this infographic for 2018 US Fencing Summer Nationals qualification, and it’s become a useful tool in our experience. Please dig in and learn what you need to know to qualify!

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Trust Your Fencing Coach or Choose Another Fencing Coach, but Leave Coaching to the Experts

Trust your fencing coachHow you train and how much you’re motivated are the keys to your success as a fencer. It’s as simple as that. The better your training and the higher your level of motivation, the better your results. The worse your training and the lower your level of motivation, the worse your results.

Your coach is the heart of your training experience. Your coach is the lifeblood of your motivation. He or she guides you, molds you, leaves you room to blossom into the incredible fencer that you can be.

That only works if you trust your coach.

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Shadow Fencing – A Great Way for Fencers to Hone Their Skill

Shadow fencing - A great way to hone fencing skillsGreat fencers spend the most time practicing in smartest ways. Smart practice starts with finding the best practice methods, then honing your skills using those methods.

Shadow fencing is a practice technique that allows fencers to step up to their fencing no matter where they are.  You can even practice if you don’t have a weapon! You might be shadow fencing already and don’t even realize it. The question is whether you’re doing it as smartly as you could be, and whether you’re getting the most out of your shadow fencing sessions.

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Understanding Weapon Checks During the Bout

Weapon check during the fencing boutBeing in Salt Lake City at the US Fencing Summer Nationals gives a fencer and their parents a lot of experience. It’s the kind of experience that’s very difficult to acquire in any other venue. This experience is invaluable and cannot be substituted, either by private lessons or in group classes. Fencing Summer Nationals are a huge event that brings together fencers from all over the United States and even the world. There’s so much fencing going on – so much to see and do absorb!

Due to the sheer volume of fencing that you either participate in or watch, fencers expose themselves to this experience that’s really fantastic and brings their fencing up to a whole new level. There’s truly nothing like it.

You learn about tactical decisions, you see how fencers behave on the strip, you see a lot of actions and technical elements at the highest possible levels in each category. Of course you are exposed to a lot of implementations and interpretations of rules as well. Some of those rules you might not have known existed before.

One of the rules that many people don’t know about is weapon check.

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