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Why Fencing is Different than Other Sports

what makes fencing different from other sportsThere are lots of choices for kids and teens when it comes to choosing a sport, and finding the right fit can be challenging. Soccer, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, on and on – there are so many possibilities! Fencing is different than other sports, including travel leagues and competitive sports teams. It’s even fundamentally different than other individual sports.

First, let’s talk about the things that all of these sports have in common. What’s universal is that participation in sports integrates a healthy lifestyle that lasts well beyond childhood. Not just physically, but socially as well. Working with teammates, taking constructive criticism, making and keeping commitments, on and on. Getting involved in a sport is undoubtedly a good thing for kids and teens.

What makes fencing different?


Fencing offers some incredible benefits for young athletes, but here are several ways that it’s different than other sports.

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AFM 2017 Year in Review

AFM 2017 Year in ReviewWhat an amazing year it’s been here at Academy of Fencing Masters!

The last twelve months have seen growth in our club, fantastic finishes for our fencers, expansion of our facilities, and tremendous support from the community. It’s been a good year for AFM, but most of all it’s been a good year for our incredible fencers.

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Fencing Holiday Funnies

holiday fencing funnies - fencing against Santa Claus at Campbell Carol of LightsThe holidays are here again! We hope that this fun and festive time finds your family in good spirits and feeling wonderful.

Recently we ran across some silly, fun fencing images on Pinterest, that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves. We hope that they brighten your holiday as much as they brightened ours (and please don’t expect this post to be any serious!)

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Why Kids Quit Fencing and What Parents Should Do About It

Why Kids Quit Fencing and What Parents Should Do About It“Mom and Dad, I want to quit fencing.”

This is a serious situation that many fencing parents have had to face. They put a great deal of effort and hard work into supporting their child in this rigorous and expensive sport, only to have them suddenly want to quit.

The statistics back up the experience – 70% of children drop out of organized sports by the time they turn thirteen. That’s a sad number! Youth sports in general, and we believe that fencing in particular, are powerful and important for kids. We see so often that families struggle with pushing kids into fencing at younger ages, only to find that they burn out and don’t want to keep up. It’s especially tough to see a fencer with dedication and talent drop out.

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Holiday Fencing Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Fencing Gift Guide 2017It’s that time of year again! Everyone is thinking about the holidays right now as we start to prepare for the wonderful season of giving. The holidays just happen to fall right in the middle of fencing season, which makes it a great time to give the fencer in your life something really special. Here are some ideas for things to give the fencer in your life that will support their passion.

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