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Why Your Child Should Move Out of the Club, and Into Competitions

why your child should move out of the club and into competitionSome fencers choose to compete because they feel pulled to better themselves and their skill. They love the thrill of the fencing competition. They enjoy the excitement of traveling and being a part of their fencing club team. They feel supported by their parents and encouraged to move to the next level.

Others may feel that competition is an obligation, or an unattainable experience. Their parents may even look at their child’s fencing lessons as being recreational, and have no intention of pushing them to compete as that seems to be far too elite, time consuming, expensive, or many other reasons.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Perfectionism in Fencing – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Perfectionism in Fencing: The good, the bad, the uglyAll fencers want to do their best. That’s a universal truth, and it’s a driving force behind why they do this to begin with, to get better and to ultimately win their matches. Of course winning isn’t the only thing goal here, but improvement is always a focus.

  • Improvement a good thing.
  • Pressure is a bad thing.
  • Outside pressure is an ugly thing.

Let’s talk about that.

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How Often Should Your Child Compete in Fencing?

How Often Should Your Child Compete in Fencing?Deciding how much a young fencer should compete can be a challenge for parents and kids to figure out. There are lots of variables that factor into how often young fencers step onto the strip for competition – desire of the kids, desire of the parents, fencer level, readiness, region (and therefore accessibility to fencing tournaments), and so many more factors that are individual to a family.

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8 Minutes to Make it into an Elite College – How Fencing Helps Applicants Stand Out

8 Minutes to Make it into an Elite College – How Fencing Helps Applicants Stand OutWhen we think of the amount of time that students put into their college applications, we think not only about the time that is sunk into writing the essay and filling out the forms, but also the years of test preparation, extra-curricular activities, and time in the classroom. That one application is the sum total of years of hard work.

What we don’t often think about is how much time the universities themselves spend reviewing that application – the college admissions process is a bit of a mystical mystery! A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shed some light on how much time universities actually spend on those highly sought after applications, and it’s a timeline that’s surprising.


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Why you shouldn’t take a break from fencing training

Why you shouldn't take a break from fencing training Life gets busy for all of us, and it can sometimes feel like there’s too much on our plate. This is especially true for kids today, who can get overscheduled with activities. School, family, extracurricular activities, friends, etc. take up not only time, but mental energy as well. Sometimes it all becomes so overwhelming that kids want a way out, so they start cutting things in the hope of getting more free time, only to find themselves in a more stressful situation. They think that the solution is  “temporary” relief for just couple of months until the pressure passes, so they cut their fencing classes by taking a time off for that period.

Cutting out fencing classes really just causes more problems! Instead of giving fencers a solution, taking break from training causes them to lose out. Here are five reasons that fencers shouldn’t take time off.

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