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5 touch bout vs. 15 touch bout – What’s the Difference?

5 touch bout versus 15 touch boutAt a recent big national tournament, a parent and I watched as a much higher ranked epee fencer lost 5:2 in the pools to a much weaker opponent. It happened so fast! I mentioned to the parent that in a 15-point match, the stronger opponent would likely have won. She of course immediately asked “why is that?”

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Ode to Fencing

Love of sport - love fencing valentine day

It’s Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we’ve got a short poem that extols our love of fencing. We hope you enjoy.


How do I love fencing? Let me count the ways.

I love fencing to the height of the podium and the breadth of the strip.

My passion reaches higher, my skill takes flight in every competition trip.

I love fencing to the level of each day’s hard work,

Packing and unpacking the fencing bag in which my smelly glove does lurk.

I love fencing freely, without demanding that it return anything more than I give.

I love fencing purely, for the joy that it brings me in the thrill of swords clinking.

I love fencing with a passion that I put to use in lessons and in classes.

I love fencing when I forfeit a touch or lose the bout.

This goal of winning is not the only thing this is about.

Smiles, tears, aching muscles, tired legs

I shall still love fencing when for a rest my body begs.


*this poem was inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s classic poem Sonnet 43

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8 Minutes to Make it into an Elite College – How Fencing Helps Applicants Stand Out

8 Minutes to Make it into an Elite College – How Fencing Helps Applicants Stand OutWhen we think of the amount of time that students put into their college applications, we think not only about the time that is sunk into writing the essay and filling out the forms, but also the years of test preparation, extra-curricular activities, and time in the classroom. That one application is the sum total of years of hard work.

What we don’t often think about is how much time the universities themselves spend reviewing that application – the college admissions process is a bit of a mystical mystery! A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shed some light on how much time universities actually spend on those highly sought after applications, and it’s a timeline that’s surprising.


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AFM Fourth Anniversary Blog

AFM Fourth Anniversary BlogToday is the fourth anniversary of the Academy of Fencing Masters blog! It seems like only yesterday that our first post was published.

Back in 2014, many parents asked us questions which were difficult to find answers to online. Here and there there were pieces of information, but other than there wasn’t a good source for novice parents. Even was geared mostly towards experienced fencers.  So out of our desire to address common issues we decided to create a blog. We wanted to help novice fencers and novice fencing parents, to do our part to increase the profile of this marvelous sport, and to celebrate it. That’s exactly what we dug into and set out to do. There was a need that we knew needed to be filled, a place where we knew we could offer support. Because that’s what life is all about – sharing your knowledge and passion with the world, all while learning from the knowledge of others and being inspired by their passion.

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Why you shouldn’t take a break from fencing training

Why you shouldn't take a break from fencing training Life gets busy for all of us, and it can sometimes feel like there’s too much on our plate. This is especially true for kids today, who can get overscheduled with activities. School, family, extracurricular activities, friends, etc. take up not only time, but mental energy as well. Sometimes it all becomes so overwhelming that kids want a way out, so they start cutting things in the hope of getting more free time, only to find themselves in a more stressful situation. They think that the solution is  “temporary” relief for just couple of months until the pressure passes, so they cut their fencing classes by taking a time off for that period.

Cutting out fencing classes really just causes more problems! Instead of giving fencers a solution, taking break from training causes them to lose out. Here are five reasons that fencers shouldn’t take time off.

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