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About AFM Camps

During school breaks (Winter, Presidents’ Week, Spring, and Summer) AFM provides a variety of camps from Beginner for the first time fencer to Intermediate for fencers with basic skills to Competitive camps for fencers that are fluent in the sport.

Directed by world class AFM Coaches Alexandr Maximovich and Natasha Maximovich, Ph.D., each of our camps is specifically designed to address the specific needs of campers and improve their physical condition, strengthen their fencing technique and hone their tactical skills.


3 levels of AFM Camps: Beginner, Intermediate and Competitive:

Beginner Fencing Summer Camps

  • Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #1: July 7 – July 11
  • Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #2: July 21 – July 25

Intermediate Fencing Summer Camps

  • Intermediate Fencing Summer Camp #1: July 14 – July 18
  • Intermediate Fencing Summer Camp #2: July 28 – August 1

Competitive Fencing Camps

  • Presidents Week Fencing Camp: February 17 – February 21 
  • Spring Break Fencing Camp: April 7 – April 11
  • Summer Nationals Preparation: June 9 – June 20
  • Back to Season Fencing Camp: August 4 – August 15


Detailed description, dates, times, prices, and discount information on each camp is provided on its separate page.

All  camps start at 9am and finish at 4pm, with drop off from 8am-9am and pick up until 5pm. 

AFM will provide healthy snacks, but campers should bring their own lunch.

To register to any camp, go to that camp page and follow the instructions.

AFM uses askFred.net as its registration engine. askFred is a national database of fencing tournaments, camps and clinics.

About AFM Camps