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Beginner Camps

AFM Beginner Fencing Summer Camps are designed for youth 7-14 years old. The new fencer will learn to fence with proper form and technique from the start following a proven method based on decades of experiences of AFM coaches.

We believe in training that combines intensive workouts and exercise with the incredible joy of learning and fun of the game. Our camps engage and motivate the young camper so that time flies and keeps them going on. Beginners will be amazed at how much they learned and improved their conditioning and fencing skills.

Beginning fencers will acquire basic fencing skills, including foot work, blade work, and distance control, they will fence with electrical equipment and understand fencing etiquette, rules and sportsmanship.

Upon completion of the Beginner Fencing Summer Camp fencers are eligible to attend any Intermediate Fencing Summer Camp.

Dates and Times:

Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #1: July 7-11, 2014

Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #2: July 21-25, 2014

Camp hours: 9am – 4pm (drop off: 8am-9am; pick up: 4pm-5pm)


Price: $445 per camp



25% off for sibling in the same camp


All fencing equipment is provided by AFM.

The camper should bring:

1. Long sport pants

2. Sport shoes (tennis shoes are good)

3. 2 T-shirts to change

4. Warm up jacket

5. Personal lunch (healthy snacks and water will be provided by AFM)



To register to Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #1, click here and choose “Preregister”.

To register to Beginner Fencing Summer Camp #2, click here and choose “Preregister”.

Beginner Camps