Alexander Maximovich

Coach Alexander Maximovich began his coaching career in 1976 and since has coached National foil and épée teams in Kazakhstan, USSR and Turkey before coming to the USA in 2000. Since then, he has coached épée in the Bay Area and New York. Alexander is considered a true Master fencer since he has mastered all three fencing weapons.

His accomplishments include Head Coach of the National Epee Team and Junior National “Trade Union” team in Kazakhstan, Assistant head Coach Foil in USSR which won the Gold medal in 1988 Olympics and the 1989 World Championships and a bronze medal in 1990 World Championships.

Alexander has received the honor of “National Honored Coach” from his home of Kazakhstan in 1984. In 1991, he received the “National Excellence in Sports and physical culture Award” from former Soviet Union. This awarded has only been given to a select few in the history of all sports in former USSR.

Coach Alexander Maximovich immigrated to the United States in 2000.

Natalya Maximovich

Dr. Natalya Maximovich received her PhD in Sports Physiology and Pedagogical Science. She has been recognized by the National Ministries of Sport in the Former USSR and her home, the Republic of Kazakhstan, for her work with championship fencers. Her speicality is implementing youth development programs for fencers that are fun and engaging, but support the rapidly developing minds and bodies of young athletes.

Dr. Maximovich oversaw the Graduate Studies Program at the Kazakhstan Academy of Sport in Almaty, Kazakhstan, including coach development and recertification. She has helped developed over 250 coaches, who are actively coaching throughout the world, including Victor Svatenko, Yakov Danilenko, and Vyacheslav Grigoriev.

In addition to being a renowned developer of professional competitive coaches, Natalya is also a three time national foil champion of Kazakhstan. She coached the 1990 Kazakhstan Women’s Foil Team to the gold medal in the USSR Nationals, as well as the 1991 Kazakhstan Sport Academy team to the gold medal in the USSR Collegiate Championships. She has prepared over 1000 athletes who have gone on to become fencing champions in Kazakhstan, the USSR, the World Cup, and Olympic Competitions.

Dr. Natalya Maximovich immigrated to the United States in 2001.

Vil Nagimov

Vil has a reputation in fencing that is truly impressive. His list of accomplishments could fill this newsletter! He’s trained a bevy of competitors to win at national and international levels of competition. He’s a champion himself as well as being a coach.

What we love most about Vil is that he’s able to get the most out of his fencers not through strict discipline but through encouragement and attention to detail. This fierce competitor does a wonderful job of training the next generation of competitors! His students love him, and we’re thankful to have him with us at AFM!

Anastasia (Nastya) Churkova

Nastya has this tremendous ability to see fencing from every angle, and to guide her fencers so that they can master the many factors that are necessary for success on the strip.

She’s been a judge, coach and competitor on the highest levels of national and international competition. Her energy is incredible and she has a wonderful command of teaching at all levels.

She’s supportive and firm, detail oriented and with a view of the sport that’s unlike most other coaches in the world today. Nastya is going to help guide our students to some fantastic things!

Patricio Moreno Fencing Coach

Patricio Moreno

Patricio joined AFM coaching staff in September 2016 from Chile where he was an accomplished fencing coach with very impressive track record.

Patricio’s talent as a coach is reflected in the success of his students in national and international competitions, including medalling at numerous South American Championships. Pan American Games, participation in London Olympics, and winning National Championships.

Besides producing international fencing champions as a coach, Patricio achieved sustained national and international acclaim himself as a fencing competitor and was a frequent podium finisher at many high level tournaments including World Cups, reaching 26th in FIE ranking.

Patricio is a fun person to be around, he always smiles and in a great mood and his enthusiasm and smile are contagious.


Coach Assistants

Alexander Javorski

Alexander is one of the top youth fencers in the Bay Area, having won the North America Cup last April in Division 2, and he is a frequent podium finisher at a long list of fencing competitions.

Anya Harkness

Anya is one of the top cadet epee fencers in the country, having medalled in the Junior Olympics Championship this year, her skill and dedication are impressive!

Riley Davis

Riley medalled at the Summer National Championship in Division 3 epee just a few weeks ago, and fresh off of this huge accomplishment he’s ready dig in and help other fencers to meet those goals!

Taly Yukelson

Taly is one of the leading junior epee fencers in the country, with incredible technique and a fierce competitive spirit.