The Intermediate program is for fencers who have completed the Beginner Program, Beginner Fencing Summer Camp or fenced before and need to refresh their skills. Intermediate level fencing groups are conducted either in foil or epee.

  • Work on improving hand – and footwork
  • Better distance control
  • Improving technical skills
  • Increased fencing with electrical fencing equipment
  • Better understanding of fencing rules
  • Increased work in pairs during fencing exercises
  • Better offensive and defensive skills
  • Initial understanding of fencing tactics
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At this level, you will need to purchase your own fencing equipment. The initial equipment might cost you about
$500- $600, depending on the brand and specific items
you need to purchase.

The AFM staff can help you choose fencing gear and purchase your equipment, so it will be best tailored to
your needs and budget.

Program Duration

In general, our Intermediate Level fencing class lasts 3 to 6 months, but the coaches will decide when to recommend moving the fencer on to the next level of advanced
fencing based on athlete’s readiness (in physical,
competence and mental levels).

Program Structure

This Intermediate fencing program consists of 2 group classes per week, which are 1 hour long each.

New! Intermediate-2 class which run only on Saturdays 4pm-5:30pm and a new Intermediate-3 class (foil only) which run only on Saturdays 5:30pm-7pm

It is recommended that you begin to take private fencing lessons a few months into the program.

Each group lesson in this Intermediate level fencing class starts with a warm up, in which our coaches implement elements of a game depending of the age of the class. After warming up, the fencers will work on different elements of technique, drills, foot and hand work, target work, work in pairs and of course fence using the electric equipment.

In addition, following our coaches’ practice format that they used with their national Soviet fencing teams, there is a lot of fencing against more advanced fencers, so fencers at the intermediate level are more challenged and develop better skills and confidence.

Program Cost

The cost of the Intermediate-1 Fencing Program is $235/month.

The cost of the Intermediate-2 and Intermediate-3 Fencing Program is $215/month.


Class typeSchedule
Youth Foil/EpeeIntermediate 1: Tuesday/Thursday, 4pm-5pm
Intermediate 2: Saturday, 4pm-5:30pm
Intermediate 3: Saturday, 5:30pm-7pm
Adults Foil/EpeeTuesday/Thursday, 8:15pm – 9:15pm


The latest detailed schedule of all fencing classes and lessons is available for download here.