Adult Fencing

What’s a great way to sharpen your mind and your body? With a sword of course!

Often people think that it’s too late to begin learning something new, especially a physical sport like fencing. But the truth is that fencing isn’t just for your body – it keeps the mind sharp as well. Academy of Fencing Masters offers a well crafted fencing class for adults who are ready to jump onto the strip and learn something that’s not only challenging but also extremely rewarding.Led by our inspirational and highly professional coach Dr. Natasha Maximovich, our adult fencing classes are full of positive energy, fun, encouragement and surprises for mature students. Coach Natasha is incredibly engaging and truly appreciates the unique needs of adults while still pushing them to grow. Her experience and understanding of the sport are unmatched, as is her ability to teach students who are at all levels.

Beginner Adult Fencing Class

  • Improved mental sharpness
  • Great workout – hundreds calories burned
  • New exercises to keep you engaged
  • Develops strategic planning skills
  • Perfect for after the workday
  • Safety is a top priority
  • Women and men both benefit
  • Join a sport with a rich legacy
  • Fun way to get in shape!

Even if you’ve never worked in a combat sport or if you’ve not spent much time working out,
you’ll find that fencing is accessible to adults of all ability and experience levels.

Hours & Information

AFM offers a serious but fun set of beginner fencing classes for adults that afford so many benefits! We encourage you to come out to see what our classes look like and to meet our instructors and other students.

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-9:30pm at two levels

  • Beginner: Starts with 4 to 8 private lessons (scheduled individually and priced $40/ea.) and followed by 4 introductory lessons at $95 for 2 consecutive weeks, starting each Tuesday
  • Intermediate: $235 per month

The latest detailed schedule of all fencing classes and lessons is available for download here.

Per US Fencing Association requirement, every fencer that registers for the beginner fencing class must become a member of USFA.

To schedule your first fencing lesson please contact AFM office
(email –; phone 408-370-6419)

Located at the heart of Silicon Valley, in Campbell, and featuring a unique layout geared towards whole family, our fencing club is ideally suited to meet the busy schedule of the residents of San Jose and surrounding cities of the South Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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