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Month: March 2014

Do private lessons really make a difference?

Fencing Private Lesson

This is a question I get asked a lot by parents, but there is no general, one-size-fits-all answer.  The short answer is yes, private lessons will make a significant difference.  That said, there are many factors to consider before committing to private lessons.  They require effort, time, commitment, money, and an idea of the desired outcome.

When your child is just starting out, I suggest participating in a group class initially.  This will give the student a feel for the sport, establish camaraderie, and boost confidence among peers to achieve difficult skills.

March 8 – 9 Competitions’ Results

Connor Mao with Silver Medal

Connor Mao with Silver Medal

What a wonderful weekend AFM fencers had on March 8-9 – full of competitions and achievements!

Connor Mao took Silver at Bay Cup Y10 Men’s Foil tournament on March 8,
and Jared Otake for the first time was in final 8!

Inspire your child to become a champion: on the strip and in life!


When I decided to write about inspiring kids to become champions in fencing, I found tons of web pages out there covering all sorts of facets: how to become a better athlete … how to improve your skills … specialty moves … Since I LOVE all things fencing, I could spend hours wading through this massive sea of videos, forums, blogs, articles, and webcasts – but I think Igor and the kids would have something to say about that!

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