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Month: August 2014

Fencing Equipment for Children: When and where to buy?

Fencing Equipment at Fencing Clubs Is Available for Novice Fencers to Gear Up

Fencing Equipment at Fencing Clubs Is Available for Novice Fencers to Gear Up

Buying equipment for your young fencer can be confusing for the novice parent, and even sometimes for the not-so-novice parent. We have children too, we get it! No parents want their kid to be the only one who’s not prepared. You want your kids to have what they need, but you don’t want to buy anything they DON’T need.

My First Time at Fencing Summer Nationals: A young fencer’s experience, in his own words

 ohio fencing summer nationals

Jared Otake: report on his first summer nationals this summer

This past Wednesday started out like any other busy day at the beginning of a new fencing season, but something happened to quickly make it a particularly great day at AFM. One of our young fencers wrote a report on his first summer nationals this summer in Columbus, Ohio.

In his own words and with his own great sense of humor, he tells us how he enjoyed the trip and especially loved having the support of his fellow fencers and his coach. He’s graciously agreed to let us share his words with you here.

Let the Games Begin!: What to bring to a fencing competition

A new fencing gear for a foil fencer that is required for competition

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for—you’ve joined a fencing club, bought the fencing equipment, driven your child to practice sessions, and found a coach. Now the big day has finally arrived—tournament day!

A new fencing season is upon us and many of you will be competing for the first time. Competitions are exciting. You’ll get to witness your child implementing what they have learned and cheer them on as they compete. Whether it is a large national event for rankings or an intimate in-club affair for tournament practice, tournament day can be the best of days or the worst of days. It’s up to you to ensure that your fencer has the best possible experience on the day of their first tournament. How? By being prepared!

AFM Launches 2014-2015 Season!: New Fencing Classes Schedule Available Now

AFM 2014-2015 fencing classes  schedule

AFM 2014-2015 fencing classes schedule

The new fencing season has begun! In the last year we’ve seen tremendous growth in the size of our club and our youth fencers have wowed us with their ever-improving fencing prowess. Thanks to all of you and your hard work, we’ve had to make some welcome changes! Our new schedule is designed to make sure we continue to challenge our athletes and give them opportunity to grow and prepare for the 2015 Summer Nationals in San Jose.

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