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Month: September 2014

8 Useful Tips from a Fencing Dad

Ethan and Dad in Fencing Masks Practicing Fencing Lesson on their Front Yard

Ethan and Dad in Fencing Masks Practicing Fencing Lesson on their Front Yard

By Andrew Lorenz 

My son, Ethan, began fencing earlier this year as a 9-year-old.  I fenced epee for a year and a half on a club team while I was at Arizona State, and I loved it.  After college, my work as a freelance television sports producer, editor, and broadcast manager kept me on the road, and I was forced to put on hiatus the sport I’d grown to love.  As my family grew, it became a goal of mine to get back into fencing, and one fateful day as I was walking home from the Campbell VTA station I saw my opportunity in the bold red letters shouting from across the street: Academy of Fencing Masters.

Famous Fencers

Barack Obama is trying to fence

U.S. President Obama uses plastic sword to fence Tim Morehouse

Fencing is both an ancient tradition of honor and a timeless art. The earliest records of fencing in single combat include the combat between Achilles and Hector in Homer’s The Iliad and a manual of fencing called A Treatise on Arms published in the 1400s. However, as cultures have shifted to rely more and more on diplomacy as a way to resolve differences, fencing gradually developed into an athletic competition rather than a form of trial by combat. Read more on fencing’s rich history here.

Summer Nationals Qualification Requirements for Y14 Fencers

Fencing: Summer Nationals 2014 Ohio

Fencing: Summer Nationals 2014 Ohio

In the past few posts we wrote about a new qualification path for Y12 fencers. The life of a Y12 fencer is becoming much more challenging from one side, but much more exciting from the other, as most Y12 fencers now need to aggregate enough Y12 regional points to qualify for Summer Nationals.

The Laws of Nature say that if you loose energy in one thing, it will be compensated in another 🙂 I’m not sure that this law always applies to fencing, but this year it did—while Y12 fencers may have an added challenge in the new season, for Y14 fencers it will be much easier to qualify for the 2015 Summer National championship compared to this past year.

What a Fantastic Opening of the New Season for AFM fencers!

Bartosz Kuligowski proudly shows his final bout score at Y10 Men's Epee at North Texas SYC August 31 2014

Bartosz Kuligowski proudly shows his final bout’s score at Y10 Men’s Epee at North Texas SYC on August 31 2014

Bartosz Kuligowski won his first SYC this weekend, scoring an impressive 10:3 win in a final bout in the Y10 Men’s Epee tournament in the North Texas SYC!

Bartosz started fencing at AFM a year ago, just after we opened our doors, and within just one year he earned several medals including one Gold at last year’s Northern California RYC and another at this past Sunday’s competition in the Texas SYC. This victory at the SYC awarded Bartosz national points, which qualifies him to participate in the Summer Nationals in San Jose in the Y10 Epee category. Today Bartosz continued to impress in Y12 Men’s Epee category as well, earning his first Y12 national points and guaranteeing participation in Y12 championship too.

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