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Month: November 2014

Outside the Fencing Club: A suggested approach for structured at-home training

Recently I talked with the mom of one of our fencers about her son’s progress in his fencing skills. In particular we discussed his need to complement his fencing training sessions and conditioning at the club with at-home exercises. Good athletes know that you can’t focus solely on the skill of the sport; you must also condition your body to be physically ready to allow you to compete at your best. Most clubs incorporate some conditioning into fencing training, but the best athletes know that self-training is part of the game.

This mom let me know that, as is typical of many teenagers, her son was having difficulty staying on a regular schedule with at-home exercises. Parents know that it’s hard enough to get our kids to do their homework, let alone add another responsibility to the hectic week of a teenager. Of course, having the self-discipline to keep up with personal training is difficult for everybody, not only teenagers—even for world-class athletes! It’s one thing to exercise when your coach is watching and a completely different thing to motivate yourself when you’re on your own.

Is your child interested in fencing? Surprise! He or she may already know more than you expect

Beginner fencers for the first time try to fence at AFM

Beginner fencers fence for the first time

As a parent, you probably know the system when it comes to enlisting your child in traditional kid’s sports such as swimming, gymnastics, and soccer.  There are many start up classes to familiarize your child with the basics, learn the rules of the game, and train with endless drills and exercises.  Often the kids start at the very beginning basics – which can be a bit tedious.

Fencing is a unique in that – unlike other sports – most beginner fencers know right off the bat what to do.  As kids, we often play “swordfight”, so some of the movements in fencing such as stance and poking aren’t unfamiliar.  When a new student takes a class for the first time, it is not unusual for him/her to display basic fencing skills.

Fencing Clubs Make Cities Better

Campbell the view from AFMMacy, mom of Jared, shared his essay, which does not require any additional words from me – you know,  out of the mouths of babes… 🙂

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