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Month: January 2015

Youth Fencers and At-Home Fencing Target Training: Is it a good idea?

Bartosz Kuligowski (Y10 epee) complements his fencing training in the club with fencing target training at homeShould you encourage your young fencer to practice fencing target training at home? Well, there are a couple things to consider, but the answer is “yes.” Devoted athletes don’t wait for the next scheduled lesson to get better. They create ways to get better. That can come in a variety of forms: individual practice, physical conditioning, eating well, or even practicing visualization. If someone really wants to do their best at something, they will go above and beyond without being asked.

7 Tips to Finding the Right Fencing Shoes

Fencing ShoesIn almost every sport, the footwear you choose can greatly affect your performance. Your feet can take a lot of abuse and it’s important to have the right support where you need it. This is especially true when it comes to fencing. provides this fantastic guide to fencing shoes. It is important to find the right shoes to treat your feet well because an athlete needs to take care of every part of their body. Beyond just comfort and support, your quickness and responsiveness can really affect your bouts. Slip a little and you’re off your game and giving your opponent a chance to attack.

Young Fencers and Intimidation: Facing the taller opponent

Y12 Foil Fencers are Fencing at 2014 Summer Nationals

Y12 Foil Fencers are Fencing at 2014 Summer Nationals

Often when I attend a youth competition, especially for the Y10 and Y12 age categories, I see a lot of fencers that definitely do not look 10 or 12 years old, but rather much bigger and more developed. Sometimes they are so much bigger that I have joked with other parents about faking their children’s birth certificates! The truth is, your child competes within a certain age group, but that doesn’t mean that they develop physically at the same rate. Your child’s opponent, although similar in age, could be much taller and larger.

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