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Month: February 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Competitive Fencing

fencing duel depicted in old picturesYou may be well versed in the modern sport, but how many of these historical facts did you already know?

1. Fencers don’t really duel anymore … do they?

Well, not anymore. But as recently as the 1924 Olympics, the captain of the Italian foil team and the son of the coach for the Hungarian team entered into a real duel over a scoring controversy. The duel was fought near the Hungarian border with heavy sabres and ended after just two minutes. Supposedly, the Hungarian won by landing a blow to the side of the Italian’s forehead. Thankfully this was not a fight to the death—the duel was stopped but the Italian was temporarily blinded and he required 12 stitches!

AFM Fencers Sweep in Bay Cup Epee Events

AFM fencers Anya Harkness, Taly Yukelson and Jade Welder took podium and swept 3 fencing gold medals at the latest Bay Cup Women's Epee tournamentWow, what a fantastic weekend. This past weekend our junior female epee fencers really took us for a ride.

Three Bay Cup events. Three Gold medals. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It started with Anya Harkness winning gold in Senior Women’s Epee, which earned her a new “B” rating! Taly Yukelson was by her side on the podium, having taken the bronze medal. Unfortunately, Anya and Taly met in the semifinals so only one AFMer could make it to the finals. We always hope to only see our fencers bout each other in the finals, but like we mentioned in a previous post, that’s not always possible. This time it was Anya who went on to the finals to win the gold for AFM.

Cheering against your Fencing Clubmates: DON’T DO IT!

The fencing team is ready to cheer up each other during fencing competitionWatching a fencing bout is exciting! I mean, come on, it’s basically a modern-day sword fight, who wouldn’t get pulled into the action? We’ve written previous posts on cheering for your fellow fencers, and of course it’s encouraged to support your children, clubmates, and friends in their bouts. But what about when you’re watching a bout and BOTH fencers are from your club?

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