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Month: June 2015

Fencing Uniform Stenciling – Where, How and Why

Fencing uniform stenciling at NAC by fencing equipment vendorAnyone who has spent time attending competitive fencing events has probably know that national level competition requires that names be on uniforms. So if your child is going to attend this year Summer Nationals, , then this is something that you will want to think about.

The two questions that I often hear from parents are:

Where do I stencil on the uniform?

This answer is simple: most often on either the lame or jacket.

How do I stencil on the uniform?

This answer is a little more complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are four ways to get your child’s name stenciled onto their fencing uniform:

What are US Fencing National Points

US Fencing National PointsWe know that many new fencing parents are confused by the topic of fencing national points. You’re learning about practice and technique and fencing competitions, then you hear other parents talking about these points and whether their child has any, and … Wait, does your child have any? Do they need to?

Truth be told, national points is not a complicated topic when you break it down. First though, keep in mind that the detailed explanation can be found in the Athlete Handbook. However, as with most rule books that have to be detailed and all-inclusive, the handbook can be a bit daunting. I know of parents who have tried to read it and quickly became discouraged. It’s still an important resource though, and I think once you have a decent understanding of a topic like national points, you could then read the handbook to fill in the blanks when you are ready.

6 Reasons to Videotape Fencing Competitions of your child

Videotaping fencingOne day I was driving home from a fencing competition with an extremely disappointed son crying in the backseat over something that had happened that day at the competition.

“It wasn’t my fault!”, he cried. “It’s not fair. I didn’t lose the bout, it was all the referee! He awarded him the attack, but he was wrong!”

He went on and on like this through his tears and anger. I told him how I loved watching him fence and that he fenced really well, but in that last call the referee was right, he was really counter-attacking.

I always try to focus on telling my children that I love watching them fence rather than critiquing their performance. I may know a lot about fencing, but with them my first job is to parent—and that’s the number one thing kids want to hear from their parents.

But I was also not going to lie to him. I felt the referee was right and that he needed to hear that. So I told him.

And then he asked, “Did you record it?”

“Yes”, I replied, and gave him my phone.

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