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Month: August 2015

Is Gatorade Good for Fencers?

Is Gatorade good for fencersOne of the things that we see all of the time at competitions is Gatorade. It’s literally everywhere! Even during Summer Nationals this drink was in high demand, with signs all over. High profile athletes drink it, and it sure has some high and mighty scientific claims. More than 50% of fencers reach for a sports drink during competition. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out, and also learn about some alternatives.

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99 Ways to Encourage Your Young Fencer – Tips from a Fencing Mom

Encourage Your Young FencerSo often we find it difficult to even find the words to say to help our children to feel good about themselves, especially those high achievers who put so much effort into everything that they do and who you find yourself being proud of so much of the time. Parents  struggle sometimes to come up with what we need to say when our kids do great things, particularly those everyday great things. Usually we end up just saying the same old things – “Good Job!” or “I’m Proud of You!”. While these are certainly good things to say, you’ll find that the more specific you are and the more able you are to talk about WHY you think they’re great, the better.

Here are 99 (yes ninety-nine!) ways that you can encourage your young fencer! We’ve broken them out to give you some ideas about when to say them too, just in case you needed some more inspiration. Have fun!

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How to Balance School, Fencing and Activities – Tips from a Fencing Mom

How to balance school, fencing and activitiesSummer is fast coming to a close, and soon both the school year and the start of the fencing season will be upon us! That makes now a great time to put into place some practices that will help your family and your young fencer to keep balance in life, reducing stress and allowing for an enriching year. These don’t have to be huge life changes, and in fact the most effective life changes are usually those that are the least complicated and easiest to put into place.

Read on for some tricks and tips that I use in my own home to manage the crazy and sometimes hectic schedule of my 4 busy kids –  I hope that some of these tips will offer some help to your family so that you can start the school year off right! 

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