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Month: September 2015

How Juniors and Cadets can Qualify for Junior Olympics Fencing Championship and the July Challenge via Regional Tournaments

Cadet and Juniors Fencing Qualification for junior Olympics and July Challenge

Cadets and Juniors Fencing Qualification is not a walk on a beach!

One of the most confusing areas each year is the qualification path for different age groups of fencers. That’s not because of a deficit on your part – it’s because the rules are constantly changing. You barely have a chance to get yourself familiar with last year’s path to the July Challenge for Cadets before finding out that a few short months later it is completely different!

The reason is simple – fencing is an evolving sport in the USA.  More and more fencers want to participate in different levels of national competition, so the USFA is continually trying to find the winning formula that will allow it to satisfy several, sometimes contradicting objectives. From one side, the USFA wants to provide the best competitive level of opportunity for high level fencers, but from another side it also wants to provide national level competitive opportunities for a wide range of fencers in every specific age category. So every year the rules change as USFA searches for the perfect mix, leaving fencers and their parents needing to learn the new rules – again.

Not Just for Boys – Why Fencing is Great for Girls

Fencing is great for girlsPart of AFM’s ongoing series “Misconceptions About Fencing”

We think of fighting as a boy kind of thing. Boys fight, girls talk, right? It’s a misconception that seems to just hang on no matter how times change. But fencing isn’t just for boys! Girls get all of the same benefit from fencing that boys get, and in fact they get some extra benefits as well like feeling empowered and doing something that marks them apart from the rest of their class.

Fencing isn’t just a guy thing!

15 Serious Reasons to Love Fencing

Reasons to love fencingFencing is really more than just a sport – it’s a passion! Why do we love it so much? Here are 15 serious reasons to love fencing:

College, Fencing and Your Child – A Breakdown of College Acceptance Statistics

College, Fencing and Your Child – A Breakdown of College Acceptance Statistics

One question that we get asked constantly is about the role that fencing plays in helping kids get into college or to succeed in college. Every parent thinks constantly about their kid’s future, right? We certainly do. For most of us that means focusing on how we can make that college dream happen in the best way possible, both academically and financially.

Athletics and college are BIG deal. A tremendous deal. They can be a huge piece of the puzzle.

Fencing is among the best places to be for families who want to get their kids ahead of the game in the college admissions and scholarship process, and the numbers are here to back it up.

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