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Month: October 2015

Long Hair and Fencers – Competition Rules: Tips from a Fencing Mom

Long Hair and Fencers - Competition Rules5Yellow card for loose long hair on competitions!

During last year’s Summer Nationals in San Jose we had many kids who participated in a big competition for the very first time in their life. Competition – especially the very first one – always creates a huge pressure for fencer and for their parents. Knowing the rules is a concrete way to prevent additional stress for everyone. Unfortunately some families learned about the rules and how strictly they are enforced not from leisurely reading about them on our blog, but from real life yellow and red cards during a major tournament. Not pleasant.

Fencing Goal Setting and Your Lifestyle

Fencing Goal Setting, Fencing and Your LifestyleLife is truly about a series of goals that we set for ourselves and then go on to pursue.

Most people do this: set goals and go after them, without really thinking about it and without taking the time to work through a codified vision of what they need to do – they just kind of do it! Sometimes this works out well, but by sitting down and really working out your goals, you’re a lot more likely to get the results that you’re looking for, both for you and for your child.

5 Reasons to Start Fencing this Fall

Try Fencing this Fall Fall is upon us and the world is winding down. That means that summer sports are also starting to wind down, as the rain starts and the temperature dips a bit. Kids who have been active all summer have started to dig into their schoolwork and to think about putting away those cleats, storing the footballs and the baseball bats and the soccer balls in the garage until the spring. Winter can be a time of less physical activity, even in a place that’s got great weather all year round. Days are getting shorter and there’s just less time spent actively engaging those bodies. However for kids, their bodies don’t necessarily know the difference – they’ve still got that high level of energy and that need to get it out. Of course staying active is important for people of all ages as well. How can you get your child active for these winter months? Fencing is a great option! Here are five reasons to get your child started in fencing this fall.

How to clean fencing knickers

how to clean fencing knickers secret

What a strange word “knickers” we use in the US for fencing pants, right? For British fencers, for example, “knickers” means female underpants. But in North America it’s almost synonym of nobility! To be honest, looking at the dirty fencing knickers of my kids, with the dense black stains on their knees, I am in serious doubt about whether the history of fencing pants is really somehow connected to kings and noble knights! My little fencers absolutely look adorable with those smallest size knickers that, though they’re as little as they are available, still come down almost to their ankles, but my goodness it seems as though they are ALWAYS dirty! So I am sure many parents and fencers wonder how to clean fencing knickers and win the “dirty knees war“!

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