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Month: December 2015

8 Tips for Keeping Fencing Families Together During the Holidays

8 Tips for Keeping Fencing Families Together During the HolidaysKeeping the family together and feeling connected during the holidays can be a real challenge for fencing families who seem to be going in a thousand different directions at once! With competitions, practices, schoolwork, parties and more all yanking your family in alternate directions, sometimes it feels like the family is never even together during the holiday season.

Here are eight tips that will help you keep your family stuck together and feeling on top of things during the holiday season.

Adjusting Your Fencing Training for Shorter Days

Adjusting Your Fencing Training for Shorter Days


Once again the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and longer – leaving no doubt that it’s winter time – even when you live somewhere with no snow!

The sun has a big effect on our bodies – it’s how they know when it’s time for bed and when it’s time to get up and get moving. As we near the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, those daylight hours become so few that they seem to almost not exist at all! In the United States where I live the sun rises around seven in the morning and sets around five in the afternoon during the winter months! That leaves  a mere ten hours of of light and also that usually dark outside when we wake up and dark outside before we get home. Being completely out of the light during your waking hours takes some serious adjustment.

Holiday Fencing Gift Ideas

Holiday Fencing Gift IdeasUnsure as to what you get that special fencer in your life? Here’s our holiday fencing gift ideas list, which has more than fifty gift ideas and will help you to find the perfect gift for anyone in fencing!

Bruce Lee – The World’s Most Famous Fencer?

Bruce Lee

Image: Official site

Is Bruce Lee the world’s most famous fencer? The answer is actually, astonishingly yes!

Bruce Lee movies are absolutely my favorite martial arts movies of all time (and I love all martial arts movies). Who doesn’t love the distinctive style and amazing technique? Not to mention the jokes – Bruce Lee was a funny guy! This article was inspired by Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday, which would have been this past week on November 27th.

Lee was much more than a movie star, he was a master martial artist who changed the shape of modern combat sports. The biggest reason that he created that change was because of his creativity and his willingness to draw inspiration from outside of the box sources. One of the big sources that he drew inspiration from was the art of fencing.

The Fencer – A Great Fencing Movie & 2016 Oscar Contender

The Fencer Movie - A scene where Endel teaches kids to fenceThere’s a movie about fencing that’s an Oscar contender! The Fencer movie is a Finnish film that has been selected as an entry for the 88th Annual Academy Awards which will be held in 2016. This is obviously very exciting for the fencing community, and the movie portrays modern fencing and all of the benefits and amazing richness that it brings to our lives.

Your Support is Needed!

You can help to support the film! While it has already been added to the list of potential Oscar nominees as the official entry from Finland (a huge honor), it has not made it to the final selection portion of the process yet. So it’s essential for us to help out and to support its nomination!

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