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Month: January 2016

Fencing National Points 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

Fencing National Points 101 - A Comprehensive GuideThis post will provide you with all of the answers to your questions about what National Points are, what they’re used for, how they’re calculated, and how regional competition points differ from national points, including which kinds of fencing competitions regional and national points are earned at.

It’s important to note here that USFA points are only used in the United States, but non-citizens can participate in these competitions in some non-championship events and earn US National Points, though they’re used for seeding purposes only as non-US citizens can’t earn a spot on the US national team.

You’ll notice that this comprehensive post is broken down into two sections:

We highly recommend that you start at the beginning here and read through to the end without skipping around, but do come back here to review! This is a complex part of the world of fencing competitions, but understanding it will really help you to make sense of where you’re going and what kinds of possibilities there are in competitive fencing. Many national confederations besides the United States use some kind of ranking system. I you’re not in America, we encourage you to check with your national fencing governing body to find out about the ranking system that affects you as obviously this document only relates the system for the USA.

Now for the good stuff!

How to Connect to the Fencing Strip

how to connect to fencing stripConnecting to the strip is one of those things that it seems like we just expect everyone to know how to do – often fencers really don’t get instruction on it. In the beginning when new fencers are just learning, coaches and assistants often connect them to the strip because we want them to focus on their skills and not to burden them with one more thing to think about. As a result, fencers can make it all the way to competition without understanding what they’re doing! In the end it’s actually more stressful and overwhelming because the fencer suddenly has to do it themselves.

Don’t worry! Simple training at a fencer’s home club can completely solve this problem. Plus we’ve got some really simple tips to help you “get connected.”

Questions and Answers about Connecting to the Strip

Getting the Word Out: How to Share Your Love of Fencing with your Friends

Share your love of fencingYou surely love fencing! Of course you do, right? It’s amazing! For those of us who practice fencing, our enthusiasm can be quite contagious, and we tend to get pretty excited about it. It’s not long before we start to think that everyone should be fencing, and that it’s absolutely the perfect pastime for all of the people in our lives.

But reality is that fencing is so much of a niche sport that many people don’t even know how it really looks beyond what they’ve seen in the “Princess Bride.” Often they aren’t even sure whether the weapons are sharp or not! If you want to share your enthusiasm with them, then the first thing is most likely to be that you need educate them a bit about fencing.

The question is, how can you share your love of fencing with your friends with enthusiasm but without getting away with yourself? Here are some ideas.

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