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Month: June 2016

Why are fencing private lessons so short?

Why are fencing private lessons so short?Lately we’ve had a few new parents asking me why fencing private lessons are 20 min INSTEAD of 1 hour as they are accustomed to in other activities – like tennis or piano for example. It seems to many as though private lessons that are so short can’t possibly be as effective as those that are three times as long – longer is just better right? More is more?

There are some great reasons why fencing lessons are shorter, and it’s very much worth explaining why they are necessarily different than the lessons that happen in other sports or activities. Here are 6 reasons why to help offer some clarity.

Warm-up routine before competitions for young fencers

Pre-competition warm-up routine for young fencersPre-competition warm ups for serious competitive athletes are among very important and fascinating parts of the sporting world. There are rituals, superstitious beliefs, long and involved processes. Fencers are no exception – and you’ll see them doing such rigorous warm ups at any high level competition, both domestic and international.

Pros know that the warm up is a necessary part of the competition and take it seriously, every second of it. While pros know what to do, a lot of young and inexperienced fencers have very little clue. However everyone started somewhere.

This post will give you some ideas about what your child’s pre-competition warm up routine should be.

10 Ways to Get the Most out of your Fencing Club

How to get most of your coach

Though fencing is an individual sport, at the heart of successful fencers is this incredible support system that blooms from the rich and knowledgeable environment of a great fencing club. Unfortunately many fencers don’t take advantage of everything that their fencing club has to offer.

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