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Month: August 2016

Why we Believe American Fencers have a Great Shot These Games

Why we Believe Americans have a Great Shot These Games It’s no secret that the American fencers  are roaring and ready to go for Rio. And we really think that this year is our year! The U.S. fencing team this year has a lot going for them, with talent, passion and experience all contributing to what we know will be an exciting few weeks in Rio.

There are five sports that have been in every single modern Olympic Games, for over a hundred years – Track and Field, Cycling, Gymnastics, Swimming and Fencing. Of those, there’s only one in which the men have never won a gold medal – fencing. This year really might be the time to break that tremendous streak.

American fencers are set to make history in Rio, to take on tough international competition but with excellent chances to fill the shelf with medals.

What Does an Olympic Gold Medal in Fencing Mean?

What Does an Olympic Gold Medal in Fencing Mean?

Marial Zagunis celebrates her gold medal in Athens. Photo: Andreas Rentz

Though we’re all very much familiar with the competition and the ceremony surrounding the Summer Olympics, and though most of us in the fencing community know a great deal about the kind of dedication and hard work that it takes to get to those high level competitions, what we don’t so often understand is what the whole thing means, because the meaning goes far beyond what many of us imagine.

The Worth of a Olympic Gold Medal

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