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Month: October 2016

Keeping Your Sanity as Competition Season Heats Up

Fencing Competition Season Starts at October NAC in DetroitIt’s that time of year, the one where the competitive fencing world starts to race again in a new competition season. As we get immersed in tournaments more and more, it can be easy to find ourselves frayed around the edges and feeling a bit out of control. You don’t have to feel this way!

Keeping your sanity as fencing competition season heats up means taking control of your reaction to the natural stress and challenges that you’re facing. Here are five ways to really make it work.

Why I pay so much money for fencing

why-i-pay-so-much-money-for-fencingSports in general and fencing in particular can be an expensive venture for families to embark on. There are the lessons to pay for, the equipment to buy, the travel to consider, the competition fees, the uniforms, the nights eating out when there’s not time to make it home before practice, on and on.

So why should parents put all of this into a sport for a child? And why fencing in particular? Here’s a clue: it’s not so that they can learn to swing a sword. This whole thing isn’t about what the sport is, it’s about something far deeper. Here are the reasons that we believe in spending precious resources on fencing.

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