Art of Fencing, Art of Life

Month: December 2016

Infographic – How to Qualify for 2017 US Fencing Summer Nationals

2017 USFA Fencing Summer Nationals QualificationsFiguring out the US fencing Summer Nationals qualification process is no small thing. In fact, it’s one of the questions that we hear more often than any other!

The reason that qualification for Fencing Summer Nationals is so confusing is simple: it changes every year!

7 Holiday Fencing Gift Ideas for the Fencer in Your Life

7-holiday-fencing-gift-ideas-for-the-fencer-in-your-lifeThe holidays are here once again! Giving is what makes this time of year so special, so we’ve compiled a list of great fencing gifts that will help you to do something special for that special fencer in your life. Here are our 7 Holiday Fencing Gift Ideas :

Why Fencers Cry and How to Control Emotion?

Shin Lam - epee fencer cry as she lost semifinal bout in London 2012 OlympicsIn my role as fencer, coach and referee, I’ve observed many fencers cry on the strip during bouts or after a loss.

This got me thinking about whether crying was useful for fencers and the achievement of their goals. Here are some of those reflections.

Art of Fencing, Art of Life

Art of Fencing, Art of LifeIt’s the thing that defines us, fencers – the notion that fencing is about more than just banging swords together, it’s about learning to live life better.

Art of Fencing.

Fencing of course began not as a sport, but as a means of war. Sword fighting wasn’t invented because it was beautiful, it grew out of necessity. That necessity is in many ways very beautiful, in part because it speaks to something deep within us all – a fire to win, to survive, to protect.

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