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Month: March 2018

Perfectionism in Fencing – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Perfectionism in Fencing: The good, the bad, the uglyAll fencers want to do their best. That’s a universal truth, and it’s a driving force behind why they do this to begin with, to get better and to ultimately win their matches. Of course winning isn’t the only thing goal here, but improvement is always a focus.

  • Improvement a good thing.
  • Pressure is a bad thing.
  • Outside pressure is an ugly thing.

Let’s talk about that.

How to Determine Your 2018 National Fencing Championship Qualification via Regional Path

How to Determine Your 2018 National Fencing Championships Qualification via Regional Path

The final stretch leading up to USA Fencing Summer Nationals is here! Most of the qualifying tournaments are behind us, which means that most fencers know where they stand in the path to qualification. But there are a few qualifying events still left!

There are some general ways for fencers to qualify for the Summer Nationals or the July Challenge, and those boil down to qualification via National Points, Regional Points, or making it through a Divisional Qualifier.

However we find that there are a lot of parents who are still confused about what their children have qualified for and what the exact rules are. This post is here to outline what exactly you need to know to determine whether your child has qualified via the REGIONAL PATH.

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