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Month: April 2018

Respect for Your Opponent On and Off the Strip

Fencing may be one of the oldest sports in recorded history created out of the duel: A way for two disagreeing parties to settle their dispute by battling it out to see who would be the worthy victor. Entire wars were often fought as an expansion of a duel. Duels began to go out of favor as early as the mid-1400’s but it wasn’t until much later that duels were completely forbidden.

Once duels were banned, it became a widespread practice to have amicable battles without the intention of injuring  your opponent that included regulated rules, referee’s and yes, even the requirement of sportsmanship which later turned into a common tradition. Which is modern fencing today.

Today all fencing battles are fought under the watchful eyes of referees, and both begin and end by saluting the opponent, referee, and spectators, and a friendly handshake with one’s opponent. a sign of respect and camaraderie.

New Innovative Technology Comes to Epee to Validate Questionable Foot Touches

New Innovative Technology Comes to Epee to Validate Questionable Foot TouchesOne of the most problematic areas of detecting a valid touch in epee is a foot touch. Even at the highest level of competition with grounded pistes there is always a concern whether the touch was valid or not, especially near the strip’s boundary. Many epee competitors and  coaches have experienced situations when a valid foot touch was not counted, or when a floor touch was mistakenly awarded.

Academy of Fencing Masters have spent the last 5 years to develop a real fool proof solution to this problem! Our innovative design of epee tip allows a valid recognition of 100% foot touches.

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