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Month: June 2018

Why You Need To Stop Checking Your Opponent’s Seeding

Why You Need To Stop Checking Your Opponent's SeedingFencing is a tough mental game that requires as much focus and concentration as it does physical strength and endurance. Many fencers wrongly believe that by continually checking other opponents seeding, they will somehow develop a leg up. That they will be able to assess some magic formula to figure out who they will play in the next round and sometimes even three or four rounds from now.

But to check your opponents seeding time and again means that you’re not focusing on the right thing. And instead, you are distracted.

The Power of Women in Fencing

The power of women in fencing There’s a lot of conversation going on right now about what exactly it means to be a woman – what are the limits on women in our world and what should their role be?

We see women and men competing in fencing with a shared vigor. That goes from our youngest new fencers who are walking into the club for the first time to the veterans who have been at this for a long time. Not only are women in fencing powerful, but they’re gaining. Women’s fencing is growing!

Fencing is a sport that many people see as being rooted in male power and showmanship. However we have seen over the course of the history of women in fencing that it’s so much more than that. Women have carved out not only a place for themselves in the world of fencing, they’ve made it their own.

Where once the idea was  that men were there to use their swords to protect women from harm, the real truth is that women don’t need protecting. Female fencers prove it!

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