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Month: July 2019

Important Fencing Safety Rules

Important Fencing Safety Rules

There are some general fencing safety rules that all fencers should follow, though sometimes they aren’t as obvious as we imagine they should be!

Fencing is naturally a sport of weapons. Despite this, it’s consistently one of the safest sports that anyone can participate in, regardless of age. Many people are shocked to realize that sports like soccer and gymnastics have much higher rates of injury. The most dangerous part of fencing actually isn’t from swords at all, it’s from muscle strains and other sports related injuries

That being said, there are some safety instructions that every fencer should be aware of. Many of you have heard these before, but it’s never a bad idea to review them again and again. Naturally your coach will have additional rules that you want to be aware of and follow, and always apply your best judgement 

Also, it is very important to realize that safety is not only a concern for the fencers themselves, but also for anyone around them. It is equally important that parents, siblings and other people visiting a fencing venue follow fencing rules. For example, don’t allow your loose toddler to run towards a strip when people are fencing there. Even if they themselves follow strict fencing safety rules, a small child who is running through can get hit. It is super important that anyone who happens to be in the fencing venue respects and follows safety rules. 

As it is impossible to state all situations and conditions, a good rule of thumb for fencing safety is this –  make sure there enough space between an unprotected person and a person with a sword. Always. Use your best common sense and judgement.

Eight ways to Improve Your Summer Fencing Regime

Eight ways to Improve Your Summer Fencing Regime

Summer is here, school is out, and for fencers that means there’s a break in the fencing season. For those going to Fencing Summer Nationals in the middle of the summer, there is some major motivation to keep training until then. For those not going to Fencing Summer Nationals, or after the big competition is over, it can be a major challenge to find their way to keep it up.

Some downtime and recovery is good for athletes. Taking the whole summer off, or even most of the summer off, that can come back to bite you in a bad way when the season starts again. Now that the summer season has officially started (Happy Solstice!), it’s a great time to start a good summer fencing training regime. How can you know what a good summer fencing schedule looks like? Here are eight ways to make the most of the time you’ve got off during these warm months.

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