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Month: December 2021

7 Tips for Improving Accuracy in Fencing

7 tips on improving accuracy in fencing - working on fencing targets

Scoring a point in fencing in most cases requires accuracy, and precision with the blade is critically important for fencers. The point is to get the point where you want it to go. That point gets there through a combination of the lower body and upper body movement. The coordination of the two must be developed thoroughly by fencers in order to get that accuracy that will win them points first, then matches. 

This is a topic that is talked about a lot in fencing. We’ve all read tips and tricks for improving accuracy, and heard a lot of insight from coaches. Hopefully, some of these tips will be things that you haven’t heard before, or will give you some new insight into old ideas! Sometimes what it really takes is looking at things from a new angle. 

How can you improve your accuracy in fencing? Here are seven techniques. 

Want to Become a Better Fencer? Start Your Day Like This

Want to Become a Better Fencer? Start Your Day with Daily Intention

This one small step will truly change your life as a fencer. That’s not an exaggeration. 

First, let’s look at what a competitive fencer’s routine might look like. 

  • Get up. 
  • Check your phone calendar for what practice you have today.
  • Do some quick cardio. 
  • Take a shower
  • Head to school or work.
  • Chug down a protein shake. 
  • Attend fencing class.
  • Have a fencing lesson.
  • Go home. 
  • Grab dinner.
  • Do schoolwork or catch up on chores.
  • Go to bed. 

It’s so easy for fencers to go onto autopilot, especially when the training regimen seems to be working. The routine of training and competition becomes something that the fencer doesn’t even think twice about. They just do it. That works, for a while, but it’s not a path to growth. Not only that, but it’s a life that’s not as fulfilling as you deserve.

Without a conscientious focus, we lose sight of what we’re doing all of this for and where the fun is. Drudgery is the opposite of passion. The daily intention is a way for fencers to remind themselves what they are capable of. You are capable of so much! What you need is the right focus and the right mindset to get you there. 

25 Fencing Memes to Make You Smile Today

25 Fencing Memes to Make You Smile Today

Laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes that laughter comes from the crazy and wonderful world that is the internet. These fencing memes are hilarious and a couple of them hit us right in the emotions, but all of them resonate with us because they are so incredibly personal. 

One of the joys of meme culture is that you can find variations on a meme in so many different shapes and sizes. Old memes come back around after hiding on the internet for a while, and new memes bring us new joy when we least expect them to pop into our feed. We get to see references to our favorite pop culture icons and make sense of fencing through our use of memes that originally didn’t have anything at all to do with our sport. 

This post competes in its seriousness with our previous post on fencing emojis, but hey, can’t we allow ourselves to be a bit silly from time to time? Enjoy this collection, and if you found a new fencing meme, please point to it in the comments – it would be fun to browse them as a pastime during long fencing tournaments!

How to Balance Fencing & Family During the Holidays

Balancing Fencing & Family During the Holidays

The holiday rush affects us all in major ways, and even the joy of the season isn’t always enough to keep us in balance. In competitive fencing, the holiday season is smack in the middle of the fencing season. That means fencers and their families can feel stretched and it is very important to be able to balance fencing with family time.

We’ve put together five ways for fencing families to help find balance during the holiday season!

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