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Millennials Would Rather Lose a Finger Than Part With Their Smart Phone

Millennials Would Rather Lose a Finger Than Part With Their Smart PhoneA shocking study recently came out that found that one in ten millennials would rather lose a finger than give up their smartphone.

The researchers also asked what else millennials would give up in place of their smartphone, and according to the article, “Shoes (26%), their car (20%), favorite food (19%), central heating in winter (12%), stop going on holiday (16%) and seeing family and friends in person (6%).”

Researchers were curious about how intertwined the compulsion for a smartphone was, considering that most millennials have never really known life without one. It’s shocking to see how deep their need for constant communication is!

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The Opposite of Helicopter Parenting – How Fencing Helps Kids Break Free

The Opposite of Helicopter Parenting - How Fencing Helps Kids Break FreeHelicopter parenting has been a much buzzed about style of raising children for the last several years. For those of you who might not know, helicopter parents are overly involved in their child’s lives. They step in to solve their kid’s problems from name calling on the playground to college professors who don’t give the grades they think their kids deserve.

The problem with helicopter parenting is that kid never learn how to handle situations on their own. Life is full of problems and unpleasantries that we have to get through in order to become independent and successful. When parents step in to fix every issue, kids never become empowered to take care of problems on their own.

Fencing in particular helps kids learn to take control of situations that arise on their own.  Here’s how.

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Make the Most of Your Summer With Fencing

The days are long and the heat index is high which must mean we’re in the thick of summer! While many families take this time to have a relaxing vacation (and you really should), and many other families are recuperating from time and energy spent at Summer Nationals, I believe that these last few weeks of summer can be the perfect time to re-engage with a sport you love, and improve your fencing game just in time for a new season.

Here are some unique ways you can incorporate fencing into your summer plans without ever having to step foot in a club:

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How to Safely Pack Your Fencing Bag with Wet Clothes

How to Safely Pack Your Fencing Bag with Wet ClothesFencing clothes get wet. Not wet like swim trunks or rain jackets, but wet from the heaping amounts of sweat that pour out of a fencer’s body throughout the course of a strenuous practice in thick gear.

The real deal with sweat

First off, let’s talk about sweat.

There is something deeply satisfying about getting in a hard workout at the fencing club. Running up and down the strip, feeling those muscles tense and release, it’s good stuff! That good stuff also produces smelly, wet stuff in the form of perspiration.

Sweat in and  of itself is basically water expelled from the skin in order to cool the body down. There’s not actually bacteria in the sweat itself, rather it’s the bacteria on our skin that mixes with the sweat and digests the small amounts of sugar in it that causes the odor.

There’s no reason to feel crazy about sweat, our bodies are meant to do this. It’s healthy to sweat. What’s no healthy is for that sweat and bacteria to stick around and smell like a rhinoceros as a result. The odor gets worse the longer fencing gear stays sweaty, not to mention the risk of bacteria getting out of control. Getting rid of the bacteria and keeping fencing equipment dry should be a priority.

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The Power of Women in Fencing

The power of women in fencing There’s a lot of conversation going on right now about what exactly it means to be a woman – what are the limits on women in our world and what should their role be?

We see women and men competing in fencing with a shared vigor. That goes from our youngest new fencers who are walking into the club for the first time to the veterans who have been at this for a long time. Not only are women in fencing powerful, but they’re gaining. Women’s fencing is growing!

Fencing is a sport that many people see as being rooted in male power and showmanship. However we have seen over the course of the history of women in fencing that it’s so much more than that. Women have carved out not only a place for themselves in the world of fencing, they’ve made it their own.

Where once the idea was  that men were there to use their swords to protect women from harm, the real truth is that women don’t need protecting. Female fencers prove it!

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