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Why Fencing Dads are AWESOME

Fencing DadsFather’s Day is just around the corner, and so to celebrate we’d like to reflect on all of the reasons that fencing dads are so very fantastic.

It takes a special kind of man to stand up and hand his kid a sword, and for these amazing men we are so very thankful. These guys are amazing, even more amazing than the run of the mill dads that are walking down the street. Why? Here are some great reasons.

●    Ultimate fixers

Fencing is unlike so many other sports because it requires so much equipment that’s complex and electrical. There are wires and cords, plugs and screws, and real live electricity running through it all. When equipment doesn’t work just right it can cause not only delays, but can even cause fencers to lose their spot in competition. But never fear – fencing dad is always there to make sure that fencing gear is ready for equipment check! Without our amazing fencing dads we’d be lost when it comes to getting all of that equipment to work just right – they’re always there for us with the right tools to make it work.

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for being our ultimate equipment fixers.

●    Luggage haulers

For all of that stuff that needs to be carried around for young fencers, going from the car – to the club – to the car – to the airport – to the hotel – to the cab – to the venue – to the hotel – to the cab – to the airport – to the car – to the club – and around and around again. Dad is always there to pick up and haul those heavy fencing bags to and from and from and to so that fencers can save their strength and their stamina for training and competition. What’s more is that dad just happily picks it all up and makes it all happen without those same fencers having to worry about it. While it seems like a small thing, it’s really not, because hefting that stuff around really helps a tremendous amount!

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for being our ultimate luggage haulers.

●    Chauffeurs with personality

When it comes to making those long drives to far away competitions, or even just ferrying boatloads of young fencers around town, fencing dads are always there to make it happen. He always makes sure that everyone gets there safely and without incident, so that the real focus can stay on the fencing. We love it when dad tells jokes in the car to pass the time, or sings out loud with us to our favorite song as he makes his way through heavy traffic. Dad can get us there without directions, because he’s already programmed the exact location into his trusty GPS, along with all of the best spots for great food along the way. If we’re on a plane then it’s even better, because dad will be ready to sit next to us and play tic-tac-toe or to share tall tales as the flight drags on.

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for getting us everywhere with fun.

●    Researchers extraordinaire

Not sure about what kind of fencing mask is the best? Dad will find out. What about the best way to watch fencing on the Olympics? Don’t worry, dad will figure it out. Were you wondering about the history of fencing? Dad’s on it. Were you wondering about how many points you need to make the cut for nationals? Dad will track it down. One of the best things about fencing dads is that they take such an active and voracious roles in the lives of their young fencers. They want to know what’s going on in the world of fencing, what kinds of gear is best going to help their young fencer to get an edge, and of course what professional fencers are the top of the line to help their kids find great heroes to look up to. They also take charge to figure out how to navigate fencing competition season to give their fencers the best chance to achieve their goals!

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for always finding the answers we need.

●    Proud papas

It’s good to be boastful! Fencing dads are amazing because they are not shy about bragging about their young fencers. Every win, every point, every advancement is on dad’s radar and he wants the world to know. And of course with our amazing fencing dads, it’s not just about winning – dad will brag on his young fencer for the valuable growth that he or she has made. Lose the bout? That’s ok – dad will still brag about how much better your stance was than last time or especially to praise the grace and strength that you showed in defeat. Fencing dads are always proud of their kids, and we love the way that dads share that with everyone! It makes us feel great!

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for being such proud papas.

●    Long days and late nights

Fencing takes a lot of time and effort on the part of not only the fencer, but the family as well. Fencing dads are willing to stay up late driving back home from a long weekend with a car full of sleeping fencers, only to get up early the next morning to start the workweek again. Dads stay up for late night heart to hearts when fencers feel unsure about themselves and get up early in the morning to go for a run with their fencers for extra conditioning. We know that dad must be tired but he never shows that he is and we thank him so much for being there whenever we need him, for whatever we need him to do – day or night.

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for sticking with us night and day.

●    Pillars of strength

Where does mental and physical strength come from? It can be hard to pin it down, but one place that we know it comes from is our amazing fencing dads. This is a hard sport, one that can be grueling both for the body and the mind. But our fencing dads give us the strength to keep going, the strength push forward, the strength to stay strong. They not only lead us by example, but they also hold us up when we’re falling down. From the first lesson when that sword can seem so huge and heavy to the last day of graduation when we don’t feel strong enough to face the world beyond, fencing dads are there to help us see how strong we really are.

You’re awesome, fencing dads, for being our strength.

Fencing dads stick with us through thick and thin, there for the big moments with a cheer and the small moments with words of support. We couldn’t make it without you fencing dads, and we’re so thankful that you’re here for us! This Father’s Day we don’t quite know how to express our tremendous gratitude except to say THANK YOU!


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  1. L Mao

    Not to take away from the accomplishment of dads or anything… But you basically listed all the stuff that I do (with the exception of being a proud papa). And I am not a dad. 🙂

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