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AFM Goes to #1 in the SYC Circuit!

AFM is Number 1 in SYCThis week we received the most wonderful news about AFM – we’ve been ranked #1 among all USA fencing clubs in the Super Youth Circuits, based on the results tracked by National Fencing Club Rankings (NFCR)!

Sometimes all of the hard work and diligence takes you to places that you never expected to go, even though you dreamed of them. That’s exactly what’s happened for those of us here at AFM, who are humbled and proud to have taken the top spot as the number one fencing club in the United States in terms of total medals at Super Youth Circuits (SYC).

Best Fencing Clubs 2015 – 2016 Award by National Club Rankings!

AFM Receives Best Fencing Clubs 2015 – 2016 National Club Rankings!

Best Fencing Clubs 2015 - 2016 Award by National Club Rankings!

This year has meant a lot to AFM – it’s been a season of growth and achievement for our fencers as we build on our success and push forward towards the future. And once again we’ve got some amazing news to share about our club, as again this year we’ve taken some amazing honors from the National Fencing Club Rankings (NFCR) organization.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, NFCR is an independent organization that looks at fencing clubs across the US and offers rankings based on performance and other factors. It’s not affiliated with any club or group, and so that means that they aren’t playing favorites at all with the lists that they put out. Why do they do this? To raise the profile of fencing and to help grow our sport.

The Rankings

This year we’re so proud to have improved even over last year’s amazing rankings!

USFA Club of Excellence Program – AFM Honored!

USA Fencing’s Club of Excellence Program - AFM HonoredThis year the premier organization for fencing in the United States, USA Fencing, initiated a program to honor fencing schools around the country for excellence in the sport.

Starting in 2016, USA Fencing will annually recognize clubs that excel in attracting new students, retaining old students, promoting the sport and in general being positive places for fencing. It’s a fun new program that allows fencing schools to get some positive press while also promoting fencing in the wider world.

Often people don’t realize that there are great fencing schools right in their backyard! By showcasing fencing schools across the country, USA Fencing is getting positive press out there.

The 2016 Winners

Best Fencing Club Honor AND 2nd Anniversary for AFM!

AFM SN team 2015 - San Jose(3)

AFM participants – Fencing Summer Nationals 2015, San Jose

We never do know where life will take us, but we do know that we have the power to make positive decisions and to live our passion. AFM is proud to be garnering the fruits of some hard work and love of sport this week.

Best Fencing Club Honor

I opened my email today and was surprised to find this lovely and completely unexpected message from National Fencing Club Rankings regarding an award which is being presented to Academy of Fencing Masters!

We’re proud to announce that AFM is being honored with the 2014-2015 “Best Fencing Clubs” award!

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