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Fencing Lucky Charms – What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?

Fencing Lucky Charms - What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?Do you believe in fencing lucky charms? Are you lucky on the strip?

Lots of fencers carry around lucky bits to bouts. Special socks, a lucky coin in their pocket, that mask that always seems to help them get those points. Sports in general can be tricky in terms of what happens, there’s always an element of uncertainty. That’s part of the fun of it!

But what is the role of luck in fencing? Do you have to be lucky in order to be successful in fencing?

Do Not Hang Noodles On My Ears – What Did RUSSIAN FENCING COACH SAY?

Dont put noodles on my ears - An English-to-English Translation of Russian Fencing Coach Speech

Drawing: Kseniya Bulavko, AFM talented fencing mom!

If you have been in fencing for more than 10 minutes, then you’ve probably noticed that it is dominated by Russian speaking coaches who came from the big old Soviet Union and who share many similar traits and habits. Generally speaking, all Russian fencing coaches speak pretty much the same.

What did he say?

Have you ever wondered what your Russian coach means when they say something to you in English? Then you’ve come to the right place.

You can praise yourself for learning to adapt to the heavy accent by mastering the skill of super fast, simultaneous mental transcribing of phonetic pronunciations of each word along with mental spelling and then saying it (in your mind) correctly. Yet, you find yourself again and again clueless as to what your coach just said you in “plain English!” And heaven help you if you show your fencing coach that you have no clue what he wants! Fear no more!

AFM Comprehensive English-to-English guide to Russian

will save you in your times of need!

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