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9 Tips on How to Fence a Taller Fencer

9 Tips on How to Fence a Taller Fencer

The age categories in fencing generally mean that you’ll be fencing someone who is about the same height as you are – generally speaking. However it’s not uncommon to come across a fencer who is much taller than you are, and that can pose its own unique set of challenges. To take on a fencer who towers over you, you need to rethink your strategies.

Kids especially can benefit from learning how to fence against opponents who are much taller than they are, as growth spurts can mean that there’s a foot difference in two fencers who are within just a year or two in age, and even for between the kids of the same age. Also, young fencers can be easily intimidated by the prospect of fencing against much taller opponent, and unclear what they should do in this case.

Here are nine tips for how to fence a taller fencer.

Fencing Lucky Charms – What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?

Fencing Lucky Charms - What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?Do you believe in fencing lucky charms? Are you lucky on the strip?

Lots of fencers carry around lucky bits to bouts. Special socks, a lucky coin in their pocket, that mask that always seems to help them get those points. Sports in general can be tricky in terms of what happens, there’s always an element of uncertainty. That’s part of the fun of it!

But what is the role of luck in fencing? Do you have to be lucky in order to be successful in fencing?

What Does an Olympic Gold Medal in Fencing Mean?

What Does an Olympic Gold Medal in Fencing Mean?

Marial Zagunis celebrates her gold medal in Athens. Photo: Andreas Rentz

Though we’re all very much familiar with the competition and the ceremony surrounding the Summer Olympics, and though most of us in the fencing community know a great deal about the kind of dedication and hard work that it takes to get to those high level competitions, what we don’t so often understand is what the whole thing means, because the meaning goes far beyond what many of us imagine.

The Worth of a Olympic Gold Medal

Relaxation Techniques for Competitive Fencers

Relaxation Techniques for Competitive FencersWe always talk about getting “psyched up” for competition – but what if getting “psyched down” is really what we need to be doing?

Fencing in competition is complicated stuff. There’s so much to it, so many things to think about all at once from your stance to the referee to the slew of people watching each match. Add to that the fact that most competitive fencers find themselves traveling significantly during the competition season, because travel in and of itself can be stressful and complicated. The problem is that fencing is best done when the mind is clear and focused, and the body is loose and relaxed.

Just as a fencer must learn techniques like how to thrust and parry in order to win, so too should they learn how to take control of their stress level during competitions and even during the sometimes stressful practice sessions that lead up to competition. Having some simple but effective relaxation techniques in your toolkit will really help!

5 Simple Relaxation Techniques for Fencers

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