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Create a Fencing Scrapbook to Capture a Whole Season of Memories

fencing scrapbookEvery parent wants to capture the memories that their children make, it’s part of being a parent! But what to keep and what to get rid of can be a big challenge, especially for fencing parents who follow their children from season to season. Organizing your child’s fencing career into a scrapbook or a series of scrapbooks is easy and it takes the guesswork out of the whole thing. Not only that, it’s something the kids can get involved with and make their own!

Here are few tips for creating a fencing scrapbook to help preserve the memories of your young fencer.

5 Ways to Save Memories and Savor Fencing Summer Nationals

5 Ways to Save Memories and Savor Fencing Summer NationalsIt’s here! After a whole year of preparation, a long hard season that’s pushed everyone to their limit, and an incredible amount of personal growth and diligent planning, Fencing Summer Nationals are finally here.

We sincerely hope that you’re reading this blog on your smartphone as you’re sitting in the audience between matches, or at the hotel as you unwind after a long day of competition. Or at the very least from the comfort of your own home if you didn’t make it out to Salt Lake City this year, as you follow your favorite fencers.

These giant events come and go, and we’re often so focused on getting through them that we don’t stop and think about how to savor and save them. In the fast-paced world of social media, the events of Fencing Summer Nationals are communicated out across the world in moments.

But you can save memories and savor Fencing Summer Nationals with these five awesome strategies!

5 Hacks for Storing Fencing Equipment at Home

5 Hacks for Storing Fencing Equipment at HomeFencing equipment is both wonderful and horrible. It’s wonderful because it allows us to do the thing that we love most – fencing. It’s horrible because it can be a beast to store and keep organized. Storing Fencing Equipment at Home may be tricky!

Keeping your child’s fencing equipment neat, clean, and in working order can be incredibly challenging. Fencing bags can fester with sweaty shoes and half eaten protein bars if not cleaned out regularly. That expensive fencing equipment can become damaged if it’s not properly taken care of at home and on the road.

These seven ideas for storing fencing equipment at home will not only make life as a fencer family easier, it’ll help to ensure that fencing practice is more effective because equipment will be in working order!

The Role of Fencing Parents

The Role of Fencing ParentsThere’s so much talk today of what role parents should take in the lives of their children. Parents in sport seem to be constantly accused of either being overprotective and not allowing their kids to learn from loss, or else being too distant and letting their kids have too much responsibility.

Where is the middle ground? How do we define the role of parents in sport in general and in fencing in particular?

These aren’t questions that we can answer directly, but they’re questions that are worth asking because they help us to explore what we’re doing and to get better at it.

Tweens Fencers: How Fencing Can Help To Find Their Way

How Fencing Can Help Tweens Find Their WayBeing a tween can be hard stuff.

The “inbetween” years, when you’re not old enough to be a teenager whose running around with tons of freedom and lots of excitement but you’re too old to be a little kid, well they’re just hard years. Those ten-eleven-twelves when your body hasn’t’ caught up with your brain and no one seems to take you seriously are some of the most challenging times of growing up.

Helping tweens to find their way in the world isn’t an easy task, but it’s one that parents know is so important in order for their kids to thrive.

Fencing is a wonderful way to help older kids find their way, even as they navigate the middle years. How? Here are six of the biggest issues for tweens, plus ways that fencing can help your middle schooler to combat those same issues.

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