Development Training

Our Leadership Development Training program is the first of its kind, combining the historical sport of fencing with an unprecedented approach to teaching fast and effective decision-making

Participate in a highly interactive fencing competition that mimics real-world business challenges and sharpens key leadership skills. We guarantee that you have never attended a training like this one! Learn to:

Make Quick Decisions
Adapt to Change
Overcome Disadvantages

Our professional staff offers a powerful mix of corporate experience and fencing expertise to provide a fun yet structured learning environment. Your team will:

  • Make decisions with limited information
  • Adapt to a changing environment
  • Leverage team and individual member strengths
  • Overcome disadvantages or inferior performance
  • Assess and mitigate risks
  • Identify opportunities to create a team advantage

All fencing equipment is provided by AFM.

Recommended class size: 16-20

Price and availability available upon request.
Contact us today to schedule your training session.

It was really impressive what happened on the course!
It was amazing and unexpected about what’s going
every second. Learned much about leadership, how to
utilize this learning in our company life. Thanks!