Online Training During Quarantine

In this time of change, we have to adapt. At Academy of Fencing Masters, we have taken a big step forward to adapt to life under quarantine by adding a whole slew of online offerings to help you keep fencing fencing training during the coronavirus pandemic!

This training has been developed by our international level coaches to give fencers who are working at home as much support for their growth as possible. These training sessions are personalized instruction and online classes. It’s as close the in person training as you can get without being in the club!

We have a three-pronged approach to social distance fencing training:

Group classes – online in real time

    • Conducted over Zoom
    • Mimic traditional fencing classes to the extent possible
    • One instructor with multiple students
    • Offered five days per week (Monday thru Friday), can be taken every day
    • Based on a fencer level (from beginner to competitive)
    • Foil and Epee
    • Price determined by the level of a fencer and charged according to the AFM standard class rates of appropriate level

Private lessons – online in real time

    • Conducted over Zoom
    • Mimic traditional fencing private lessons to the extent possible
    • One-on-one, or multiple family members can take a private lesson together for additional paid drills
    • Offered six days per week (Monday thru Saturday)
    • Twenty minutes each, the same as traditional private fencing lessons, at $45 each
    • Coaches give students additional exercises 
    • No limit on the number available

Self-training material – online at your own pace

    • Written material and videos
    • Constantly evolving
    • Everyone can benefit – including parents
    • Published at the AFM YouTube Channel


How to Sign Up for non-AFM members

Non-AFM members (foil and epee only) can participate in the online classes and private lessons too. To start your enrollment send email to with your name, date of birth, phone number to contact and your level of fencing experience for us to be able to assign you to the right class level. We will return to you within one day to complete the sign up and payment process.

Online training is good for everyone! You don’t need much to get started, and we encourage anyone who has trained in fencing to join in. If you are a former fencer, these online lessons and classes are a wonderful way to get back into the sport now that you have time! If you are a current fencer without your club program, don’t let your training slow down more than it has to. This is an invaluable time to train and grow. 

Please also write to ask us any questions that you might have!

There is minimal equipment needed for online fencing training with AFM. We have worked hard to make sure that this is accessible for everyone, and we know that resources can be limited during this “new normal”.

Here’s what you need to get training:

  • Enough of space for safety (room, garage, back yard)
  • Computer/tablet with a camera and a speaker
  • Internet connection
  • Some equipment
    • Sport shoes, glove and weapon
    • Jump rope
    • Tennis ball
    • Yoga mat or carpet
    • Full fencing gear if your family has 2+ fencers
    • Target – we have a blog about how to assemble a fencing target. It might be a fun DIY project with your fencer.

Again, don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you might have! We are here to help, and there are no wrong questions. Enrolling in online fencing classes or online fencing private lessons with AFM is easy, whether you are a current or former member of the club or a non-AFM fencer looking for additional online training opportunities.

Ask us about how to enroll via email to

Kids are super engaged!…

The only time a day my son is active…

My kids work much harder during the online class – great job, AFM Team!..

Once my daughter tried your Zoom class she was totally hooked! Thank you AFM for that!

The only thing that my son is looking forward each day is his online fencing class. Can you do them twice a day? 🙂