Our Story

After relocating to the United States, my husband and I were looking for ways for the family to stay physically healthy and bond over the experience. Having fenced in his youth, my husband found a fencing community in Silicon Valley and began to train again. My two oldest children, twins, watched their father train and fell in love with the dance that they saw. After talking to my husband and children, the older twins, at 5-years-old, began to take fencing lessons. As they began their journey of self-discipline, physical fitness, agility and mental sharpness, they also began growing closer to their father, bonding over fencing and making the family a stronger unit.

As I watched my older set of twins practice, I found myself observing those around me. My younger set of twins, at the time only 3-years-old, would be bored and restless, wanting to play with their siblings but not understanding why that wasn’t possible. Many parents enjoyed watching their children, but would have liked to be able to multitask as they watched. Soon I realized that there was a need inside the community. I could help make a significant impact by creating a fencing school that could support the Silicon Valley fencing community and help gain greater exposure for fencing in general.

Over the last few years of my kids’ and husband’s training, we have developed a great bond with our coaches, Dr. Natasha and Alexandr Maximovich. During this time, we gradually developed a deep trust and respect for each other. Thus, it was natural for them to accept my invitation to join a new fencing club when I decided to open “Academy of Fencing Masters”. Our club takes a completely different approach to the family experience, by looking at developing the fencer as an athlete as well as a valued individual in society. It is a place, where parents like us, would like to take their children, a place that will feel like home.

This is what “Academy of Fencing Masters” seeks to truly achieve: a love for life through the art of fencing. Our name reflects our core principles. An academy is where learning takes place; here fencers will learn about fencing and how to apply those skills to life. Our coaches are true masters, having coached Olympic and world champions.

Fencing, a sport of intelligence and strength, trains the body and mind to work together with a mental acuity and physical prowess that few other sports demand. Combined with a code of conduct, fencing develops the whole person and the whole family by extension. By having a vibrant and supportive community for families to train and develop in, “Academy of Fencing Masters” will take the training experience beyond that of a student learning about fencing to an individual learning about life.