Program Methodology

Academy of Fencing Masters is the largest USA fencing club and academy, specializing in epee fencing. AFM conducts structured fencing classes for kids, youth and adults as well as individual private fencing lessons. Composed of 5 levels, from Introduction and beginners to competitive fencers, each level develop areas, such as:

  • Physical condition and endurance
  • Agility, eye-hand-foot control and balance
  • Fencing skills, such as foot and bladework
    and techniques
  • Ability to see, understand and direct a
    fencing bout
  • Social and sportsmanship skills
  • Strategic and tactical skills
  • Self control, confidence and mental skills
  • Competitive performance

Each level length of AFM fencing lessons program individually varies for each athlete depending on fencer’s physical, mental or technical condition.

Registerfor Introduction to Fencing


The following chart illustrates the progression of the program:

  1. Introduction to Fencing | Program of 2 private sessions and 1 group class
  2. Beginners | Typical program length 6-9 months
  3. Intermediate | Typical program length 9-12 months
  4. Advanced | Typical program length 12-18 months
  5. Competitive | To the Olympics and beyond!


Programs Offered


ProgramConsists ofTypical Program DurationProgram Cost
Introduction to Fencing2 private lessons and 1 group fencing class2-3 weeks $95
Beginners1 group fencing classes 1.5h/week6-9 months $230/month
Intermediate2 group fencing lessons 1.5 h /week9-12 month $370/month
Advanced3 group fencing lessons 1.5h /week12-18 month $460/month
Competitive4 group fencing lessons/week: 2h/4x weekHopefully, to the Olympics and beyond$570/month

When a new fencer signs up for any group class (except for the Introduction to Fencing) there is a one-time signup fee of $50

Fencing Classes Schedule

The latest detailed schedule of all fencing classes and lessons is available for download here.

AFM is closed on the following days:

○ September 4, 2022 – Labor Day

○ November 4-5, 2022 – AFM Super Regional Tournament, potential closure

○ November 24-25, 2022 – Thanksgiving

○ December 26, 2022 – Christmas

○ December 31, 2022 and January 2, 2023 – New Year’s Eve and Day

○ May 29, 2023 – Memorial Day

○ July 4, 2023 – Independence Day – Both Locations

AFM Policies

The Academy of Fencing Masters policies define and set expectations between AFM and its members, in such areas as payment, cancellations, private lessons, vacations, membership, discounts and others. These policies set clear, fair and simple relationship and expectations between both parties. The list of updated policies is located here.

Important COVID-19 Information

  • All AFM programs (classes, private lessons and other activities) are conducted in strict compliance and in full accordance with Santa Clara County Health Order and approved by the Santa Clara County Health Officials

Payment Options

Purchasing an Introduction class at AFM is easy and can be done via credit card online or by credit card in person at the club. To register for any other class please contact us for evaluation.

AFM classes are good for the specified length of time at the time of purchase. The classes will be automatically renewed on the 1st of each month. The first payment is prorated and includes one-time setup fee of $50.

Introduction to Fencing class is not automatically renewed.

Please refer to the AFM policies to learn more about auto-payment, cancelations, refunds, etc.


USA Fencing Membership

usa-fencingPer USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that registers for the beginner level must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance. New fencers should register at USA Fencing here. Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs  $15 per fencing season. Fencers can upgrade to the USA Fencing competitive membership level prior to first competition ($90 per season).