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Achieving a goal requires careful and knowledgeable planning and good execution, especially in the area of competitive Olympic sports, such as fencing. That’s why we put a lot of planning and preparation into how our programs are structured and run, based on the many years of our coaches’ coaching experience in training national teams and athletes of different levels, from national championships to world cups and Olympic games.

Our fencing program is designed from years of experience, successes and failures, and advanced scientific studies and experiments. It is built upon our track record of taking young children and raising them to become national champions in several categories.

There is no secret formula for success in any sport, and definitely not in fencing. A road to success in any sport, and particularly in fencing, is paved with a lot of hard work, dedication and passion, discipline, and sacrifice, leading to joy, disappointment, victory, team spirit, individual pride and inspiration.

Success in the sport is hard work for all the people involved – the athlete, his or her parents, coaches, friends, school, teammates and the club.

What we have learned over all the years is that we cannot guarantee you or your child will become a champion or an Olympian, but we can guarantee that with each and every member and participant in our program we will do our best at every level to help the athlete reach his/her full potential. That’s our pledge

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