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Month: March 2015

Is it cool to fence with French grip foil?

Foils with the French Grip are available for beginner fencersOften times I see novice fencers fencing with the pistol grip. When I talk with their parents the typical reply is “every other kid in their class are using pistol grip so my child doesn’t want to be not cool”.

Kids tend to believe that once they hold a pistol grip this shows that they are better fencers than they are, more advanced and cool.

This is especially true for foil, where after some level or age you could not find a fencer with French grip, so kids will want to belong to the pistol grip camp. And oftentimes parents and coaches give in to the social pressure the children apply to them.

Narrative from the North American Cup, Reno, Nevada – a Veteran’s Perspective

Alan Buchwald from North American Cup in RenoDear Irina:  Just writing to give you an overview of my experience at this Tournament just finished.  I entered 3 events overall.  In the combined over age 40 Men’s Foil, there were 39 competitors; I seeded 13 after the pools (4 won and 2 lost of 6), but lost in my DE 9-7 with time running out, finishing 18 of 39.  Overall, I felt my results were due to good fencing, good directing but probably some overconfidence in the DE.

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