At all times in the modern world, the role of parents in the development of the individual athlete and his success is invaluable. We may not be real sport stars, but there are so many things that we can give to our children through sports. We can help guide and support them, laying down a solid foundation for success, self-confidence and self-realization for life.

Dr. Natasha Maximovich, AFM coach, believes that not all athletes will become Olympic champions, but everyone who has a desire, a great coach and parental support can learn to overcome his/her own self doubts and all rivals, to respect others’ achievements, to be able to play and celebrate victories, to feel sparks of happiness and accomplishment, and to think and analyze. Is this not the reason for living?

Every athlete has a coach, who takes on aspects of training and education, but the role of parent is still important. No matter how old he/she is, parents should cheer and assure their child that all of the hard work is worth it. Talk with your children, support them, listen to them, and hear them. Rejoice in their victories, help them lose with dignity, be close to them in the ups and downs, and then with the families and coaches help, your child will certainly achieve a lot both in sports and life.

Academy of Fencing Masters sees the extraordinary importance of the tandem: coach/mentor AND parents. We are convinced that this alliance will lead our athletes to the highest levels of success – emotionally, physically and psychologically – leading a maximum enjoyment of the sport and life.

Quarterly coaches/parents conference

It is a sincere and professional assistance in maximizing our students and promoting the creation of a team with the parents. Do not miss these meetings, ask the coach questions, pay close attention to the physical and mental state of your child. Together we will analyze the victories and failures, as well as the process of development of the athlete.

Quarterly interviews and meetings with professionals (free)

It is important to help parents understand how to support their athlete. During meetings with psychologists, sports nutritionists, life coaches, successful athletes and their parents, we can help you understand how to best prepare the child for a competition, how to feed the athlete during the training period and competitions, and much more. Free lectures are a bonus for members and are held every 3 months during training hours on the second floor in the Parents’ Lounge.

Happy workouts with siblings

Once a month, our training begins with a 20-minute warm-up of athletes and their brothers and sisters. This time of games and fun, designed by Coach Natalyia, lets the siblings enjoy some playtime together even though they may not have the same passion, love or interest for fencing. What could be better for parents then to see the strong friendships and connections between their children? We believe in the power of the family. Together we will increase the success of your child. Please follow the schedule for family workouts.

Family tournaments

We encourage parents to take fencing lessons. It’s fun and healthy. Participating in physical activity is required for a long life and can act as a great example for children. For the parents of our students, we offer a 25% discount on classes for adults. Even if you feel you are not at a sufficient level for training or performing with veterans, you can take part in our periodic family tournaments, where a family is a team fencing against other teams. Kids love these tournaments and feel a special sense of accomplishment and family bond when they win the “Family Victory” cup.

We believe that the role of parents in a child’s sports activities is a crucial component to the process by providing psychological support and we continue developing more programs that help parents to better support their children. We are sure you will do your best to make this experience comfortable, enjoyable and beneficial for your child.