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Month: March 2016

7 Reasons Athletes Make Great Employees

7 Reasons Athletes Make Great Employees


What’s the recipe for success in life? Parents work hard to prepare their children for life on the other side of the school environment, for the hard work that is making a living. Often sport is seen as being a piece of the puzzle that prepares kids by padding their college resumes or by filling their time with a positive activity that brings self confidence, but really athletics also prepares kids to be fantastic members of the workplace. It’s important that kids learn the skills that will make them successful employees, and athletics is an amazing preparation.

Athletes make great employees, regardless of their sport. That’s good news for both companies that are interested in hiring as well as for parents who are interested in raising kids who will go on to be successful in life! In this post we’ll explore how athletics in general offer a big boost to those who practice them in terms of becoming strong members of the workplace. Be sure to check out the sister post to this one, which delves into how fencing in particular creates great employees.

Why do athletes make  great employees? Here are seven great reasons.

Fencing’s Positive Impact on Girls’ Self Esteem

Fencing’s Positive Impact on Girls' Self EsteemHow do you raise a girl who has high self esteem?
Empowering girls is important work for parents, not only because it helps them to feel good about themselves but also because positive self esteem leads girls to better decision making and success in life.

Fencing’s Positive Impact

Girls who are empowered feel secure in who they are. They learn how to take action in life, how to make positive choices, and how to do positive things for others. They practice critical thinking. They are able to express the feelings that they are experiencing and also to understand the feelings and thoughts of others, then respond in caring and supportive ways.

They also have times of self doubt and insecurity, but because they have learned how to handle problems that come along, these feelings aren’t overwhelming.

Here are some ways that fencing helps girls to learn to be powerful and self confident.

Staying Healthy on Road – How Best to Prepare for Out of State Competition

Staying Healthy on Road - How Best to Prepare for Out of State CompetitionParents of fencers often worry that they haven’t done enough to get ready for out of state competition, and even that lack of good prep is going to somehow lower the performance of their children. Rest assured that your child is going to be fine!

We travel with our kids to fencing tournaments a lot. There is a difference between traveling to the tournament with the kids versus going on vacation. While both types of trips should be fun, there are a lot of differences between them. The biggest difference is that on fencing trips you need a regime and discipline.

How to prepare for the road

Rain City Resources – Great info for the Seattle/Bellevue SYC

Rain City Resources - Great info for the SeattleBellevue SYCTournament season is upon us! There’s a lot going on, and hunting down the information for competitions can be a bit of a challenge.

One of the last national youth competitions of the 2016 season will be held at Bellevue, WA at Rain City Fencing Center, the tournament called Rain City SYC. Being the last west coast SYC and being hosted by one of the most beautiful fencing clubs in the country, this SYC is very popular among all west coast fencers, and our own fencers are no exclusion.

Our dear friend, mom of two talented epee girls, Sonali Tikekar, who lives in the area, proposed to help our parents to navigate Seattle and the surrounding areas so that they can have the best experience possible at the 2016 Rain City SYC. She sent me an email with that information and I thought it might be used not only by our parents but by many visiting this SYC.

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