Inspiration & Drive - Sport Fencing in Films and Pop CultureSports in popular culture is often about inspiration and driving towards success. How sports can bring out the best in human nature. Whether it’s in movies, television shows, books, or even music, these themes are everywhere.

Fencing is increasingly in the spotlight in popular culture as the sport grows. Whereas soccer movie and boxing movies are everywhere, there have been few films or television shows focusing on sport fencing. Sometimes it can be hard to find what are actually wonderful depictions of fencing in films, either on the big or small screen! The Olympic level of fencing hasn’t gotten to Hollywood much just yet, but there are lots of smaller modern depictions of sport fencing.

We’ve put together some of the coolest and most interesting sport fencing mentions in movies and TV shows. Some are funny and some are touching, but what always stays the same is the heart of sport fencing as a blend of thinking and action.