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Fencing Equipment Shopping for Parents: Finally a guide to answer all of your questions!

Buying guide to fencing equipment and gear - a complete fencing equipment shopping guideOne of the main job requirements for parenting is: Make sure your child has what they need.

Not emotional needs, although those are certainly important, but making sure they have their lunch, that they walk out the door with their school project, that they aren’t the only child to show up on “Bake Sale Day” without a baked good—and that they are prepared for every lesson, practice, and social event.

With competitive fencing, this can be a challenge since many parents aren’t familiar with the sport. The good news is that most of you have the same questions and we’ve heard them all (or better say most of them 🙂 ). As fellow parents, we want to help you buy what you need with minimal stress and without breaking the bank. You don’t have to figure it out on your own and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

We took all of the questions we hear at our club and put the answers into one fencing equipment shopping guide that you can download online:

Now Available: AFM’s FREE Online Book for Parents of Fencers

We’ve been working hard to provide you with a consolidated resource for all the things parents need to know when they’re new to fencing. Our new book, “Parents’ Guide to Fencing: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Child in the Sport of Fencing,” is available for download HERE. We encourage you to read it and share it freely with other fencing parents!

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