Alexander Maximovich

Coach Alexander Maximovich began his coaching career in 1976 and since has coached National foil and épée teams in Kazakhstan, USSR and Turkey before coming to the USA in 2000. Since then, he has coached épée in the Bay Area and New York. Alexander is considered a true Master fencer since he has mastered all three fencing weapons.

His accomplishments include Head Coach of the National Epee Team and Junior National “Trade Union” team in Kazakhstan, Assistant head Coach Foil in USSR which won the Gold medal in 1988 Olympics and the 1989 World Championships and a bronze medal in 1990 World Championships.

Alexander has received the honor of “National Honored Coach” from his home of Kazakhstan in 1984. In 1991, he received the “National Excellence in Sports and physical culture Award” from former Soviet Union. This awarded has only been given to a select few in the history of all sports in former USSR.

Coach Alexander Maximovich immigrated to the United States in 2000.

Natalya Maximovich

Dr. Natalya Maximovich received her PhD in Sports Physiology and Pedagogical Science. She has been recognized by the National Ministries of Sport in the Former USSR and her home, the Republic of Kazakhstan, for her work with championship fencers. Her speicality is implementing youth development programs for fencers that are fun and engaging, but support the rapidly developing minds and bodies of young athletes.

Dr. Maximovich oversaw the Graduate Studies Program at the Kazakhstan Academy of Sport in Almaty, Kazakhstan, including coach development and recertification. She has helped developed over 250 coaches, who are actively coaching throughout the world, including Victor Svatenko, Yakov Danilenko, and Vyacheslav Grigoriev.

In addition to being a renowned developer of professional competitive coaches, Natalya is also a three time national foil champion of Kazakhstan. She coached the 1990 Kazakhstan Women’s Foil Team to the gold medal in the USSR Nationals, as well as the 1991 Kazakhstan Sport Academy team to the gold medal in the USSR Collegiate Championships. She has prepared over 1000 athletes who have gone on to become fencing champions in Kazakhstan, the USSR, the World Cup, and Olympic Competitions.

Dr. Natalya Maximovich immigrated to the United States in 2001.

Bogdan Gurinenko - AFM Foil Coach

Bogdan Gurinenko

Bogdan Gurinenko is well known in the fencing circles in the USA and worldwide, and you might met him referring at Nationals, NAC’s and regional tournaments. Bogdan’s experience goes back the to Ukraine where he was a 6 time national junior foil champion, won World Cups, and been in the finals of World Championships, European Championships and the World University Games.

As a ref, Bogdan is a certified FIE referee and has called matches at such high level tournaments as Grand Prix, Cadet and Junior World Championships, Panamerican Championship and World University Games.

Bogdan comes to us from the East Coast where he worked in such prominent US fencing clubs as the Manhattan Fencing Center and the Fencing Academy of Westchester.

Patricio Moreno Fencing Coach

Patricio Moreno

Patricio joined AFM coaching staff in September 2016 from Chile where he was an accomplished fencing coach with very impressive track record.

Patricio’s talent as a coach is reflected in the success of his students in national and international competitions, including medalling at numerous South American Championships. Pan American Games, participation in London Olympics, and winning National Championships.

Besides producing international fencing champions as a coach, Patricio achieved sustained national and international acclaim himself as a fencing competitor and was a frequent podium finisher at many high level tournaments including World Cups, reaching 26th in FIE ranking.

Patricio is a fun person to be around, he always smiles and in a great mood and his enthusiasm and smile are contagious.


Andrey Kolotilin

The AFM epee team would like to proudly welcome Andrey Kolotilin! Coming to us directly from Russia, Andrey has a long history of providing excellent coaching and phenomenal skill to fencers in his charge. He’s a fantastic epee fencer who brings a level of skill and savvy to epee that is going to help our epee fencers grow and improve.

Coach Kolotilin has a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from the Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports, and Tourism in Smolensk, Russia.

Andrey’s credentials are impressive. For many years he was a member of the National Epee Team for Russia, winning medals at all levels of competition, including at World Championships and at European Championships.

In addition to his impressive fencing career, Andrey has a remarkable coaching career that’s focused on national teams training. Andrey has coached national teams in Russia, Kuwait and Vietnam. In particular, the Russian team came to be World Champions in 2003 under Coach Kolotilin. Not only that, but his Asian teams won numerous medals at international competitions in both individual and team events. Supporting fencers across cultures and all over the world has given Andrey an international perspective on fencing that’s a valuable asset to the AFM coaching staff. Two of his fencers qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio.

Slava Zingerman - AFM Epee Coach

Slava Zingerman

Slava Zingerman is only the second man in United States History to with NCAA titles 3 times in a row. He’s also a four time All-American fencer. During his undergraduate studies at Wayne State University, he managed to squeeze in time to get his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, make the Dean’s List, and fenced for the Wayne State University Fencing Team. All while breaking fencing records and climbing to a rank of #3 in the international fencing rankings during his competitive career and frequenting international podiums. From 2000-2009, Slava was a member of the Israeli National Team. In 2016, he was inducted into the Wayne State University Hall of Fame.

After moving into coaching, Slava continued to show incredible talent and dedication to the sport of fencing. He spent two years coaching at the Manhattan Fencing Center in New York before moving on to a coaching position at the famed New York Fencing Academy. Through those years he led his students to many national titles and placed athletes on the national team. His mentees garnered eight medals and two champion titles at the 2016 US Fencing Summer Nationals. Last season Slava coached the Duke University Fencing Team, where he served as an assistant coach and two his epee fencers made All-American in 2017 NCAA Championship.

Andrei Kuryshka - Fencing Coach

Andrei Kuryshka

Andrei was a member of national team of Belarus from 2006 till 2011. He is many times national champion of Belarus, finalist of Junior and U23 European Championships. Andrei is a student of legendary fencer Alexander Romankov, who was Olympic Champion and ten times World Champion. Andrei started his coaching career in 2012. Within short period of time his students started to achieve significant national and international results and in 2017 he became to be a head coach of national cadet team. Andrei is an FIE referee and he officiated at many international tournaments such as World Cups, Grand Prix and World and European Championships.

Krystyna Kuryshko - Fencing Coach

Krystyna Kuryshko

Krystyna is Master of Sport of Ukraine and member of the national team from 2009 till 2017 in every age group: from cadet to senior. She was a finalist of Cadet European Championship, finalist of Junior and Senior World Cup, many times Ukraine national champion, 2017 Champion of Belarus. From 2013-2017 she was coach assistant and she started her full time coaching in 2017

Mark Wheeler - Academy of Fencing Masters Fencing Coach

Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler is AFM adult and veteran fencing programs coach in our Sunnyvale facility. Mark brings over 35 years of fencing experience and 10 years of coaching experience to AFM.  Mark is an active competitor on the veteran epee circuit. He’s maintained his A in epee for over 10 years as a veteran fencer and won the Veteran Epee Championship at the Summer Nationals in San Jose in 2015, earning a spot on the 2015 national veteran team for the world championships.

Mark is experienced in developing and leading developmental conditioning and fencing programs as well as working with students one on one.  Mark earned his Moniteur certification in epee and foil in 2011 and received a USA Fencing Coach’s Medal for his student who won the 2011 National Vet 40 Women’s Epee Championship.

Mark is the Director of Operations and President of The Bay Cup, a nonprofit organization that developed and runs the largest local fencing tournament circuit in the United States.

Being a huge fencing enthusiast, Mark is well known for his passion for sport of fencing and for his dream to raise interest to this sport in the US starting from the Bay Area.

Jere Bothelio

Jere Bothelio started fencing with Maestro John DeCesare in 1994 at the age 43. He moved to épée five years later and was self taught, a feat in and of itself. Watching veterans fence, he was able to learn and apply what he saw. In 2003 he earned his first A, and three months later he won his first National Championship. Jere now has six National Championship titles and has earned 30 national medals. He’s also won one of seven U.S. Veteran World Championship Teams spots with his best Championship results being 2nd, 7th and 9th. Jere got  his epee moniteur certificate from US Coaches Association in 2011. He also earned two coaches medals in 2011.

Jere has taught classes at two Bay Area clubs plus Harker Academy and Hillview Middle school. Jere is also a President of the Central California Division, to which AFM belongs.

AFM is welcoming both Mark and Jere as a part of our coaching team! We hope that veteran and adult fencing in the Bay Area will become more popular and active. 

Tatiana Kolotilina

Many great fencing teams adopted  customized strength training and cardiovascular programs to  significantly maximize athletes’ results and overall physiques. We are very proud to have our own fitness coach at AFM –  Tatiana (Tanya) Kolotilina.

Her advises and training already brought results in some cases with reduced back pain, better flexibility and understanding of right stretch before and after lessons, proper competition preparation, and overall better shape of many of our fencers. Tanya works close to fencing coaches to coordinate fencers’ personal fitness plan. The idea is to improve all areas that are essential for fencer – core, legs, back, speed, agility and resistance, and many more. 

Coach Assistants

Bryce Chen - Coach Assistant

Bryce Chen

Bryce Chen is one of our first students and he is recipient of USA Fencing Spirit of Sport award for his great willpower and enthusiasm to  overcome any difficulty toward reaching a goal. Bryce helps with to beginner fencers who are starting their fencing journey

Ria Jobalia

Ria Jobalia is one of our first coach assistants and she is part of the program from a very long time. Many fencers who started fencing been helped by Ria in their first classes. Ria herself is accomplished fencer and she medalled in many regional and national competitions.

Ria is a Senior student and in the fall of 2019 she will start her studies in New York University, where she will also be part of their varsity fencing team.