Open Fencing

Open Fencing started in AFM Sunnyvale facility!

We are very excited to start foil and epee open fencing in our Sunnyvale facility!

Open Fencing Dates: Monday 8:30pm-10pm and Thursday 8:30pm-10pm. Doors open at 8pm.

Floor fee is $25 per session paid at the door. 

Open fencing payment options:

$25 drop in –  pays for the same day open fencing
$125 monthly – pays for the whole month of open fencing on open fencing days
$1,000 yearly – pays for the whole year of open fencing on open fencing days

Come and fence! No preregistration is required.

Two requirements only:

  • Full fencing uniform (no sweatpants, please)
  • Current USFA membership at least non-competitive level