Private Lessons

Private lessons are an essential part of learning the art of fencing and are the best method of fencing training. In a private lesson, the fencer learns and masters specific techniques and builds a foundation for skillful fencing.

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That’s why more advanced programs contain several private lessons
in a month. Moreover, before some critical competitions many fencers
take additional private lessons on top what their program already includes.

Private Fencing Lessons Purpose

Private fencing lessons are for fencers at any level; however, the higher the fencer’s ability, the more private lessons he or she should take. A private lesson is completely tailored to the fencer’s skills and needs.

The fencer utilizes and further masters what is learned in the private lesson during subsequent group lessons or open fencing.

Our programs are designed such that we recommend a minimum amount of private lessons per skill level.

Often, when the fencer is close to competition time, he/she will want additional private lessons on top of what the program suggests, and AFM will work with the fencer to make that happen.


Private lesson should be scheduled in advance.

To participate in the private lesson the fencer should come at least 15 minutes before the start to warm up.

Only club members can take private lessons with our coaches.

Private Fencing Lesson Cost

Cost of private fencing lesson is $50. Typically the lesson runs up to 20 minutes.

Private Fencing Lesson Cancellation Policy

A private lesson must be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance.